"Solni princ" - or sth like that

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    sorry I don't know the exact name of this fairy tale. there used to be a movie version which was very popular in former Yugoslavia when I was growing up. I think they've shown it on TV like zillion times, but I absolutely loved watching it over and over again.

    does anyone remembers this movie? the plot is to a certain extent similar to the one of King Lear. what's the story behind that, anyone?
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    Was salt involved in the story?

    If so, then it's probably one of movies based on classic Slovak fairy-tale "Sůl nad zlato" (Salt is more that gold) - http://www.geocities.com/slovaktales/salt_over_gold.htm

    The most known movie versions are:

    Byl jednou jeden král... (CZ 1954)


    Soľ nad zlato (SK 1982)

  3. shoplifter

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    yes, that's the one :)
    I thought it was a Czech story, my mistake...

    I think the movie version I watched as a kid was probably this more recent one. the title was translated as something like "the salt prince" or "the prince of salt".

    thanks a lot, eso, for sending me the link to the story.
    as far as I'm concerned, nothing beats fairy tales from Slavic countries. they're just the best.
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    The film is quite popular in Germany as well. It's called "Der Salzprinz".

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