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    I'm working in IT, and we have a string translation in the czech language version of our software which looks wrong to me:

    "$firstname $lastname has accepted the appointment:"

    is translated as

    "$firstname $lastname přijato pozvánku:"

    According to my limited knowledge of czech this should be

    "$firstname $lastname přijal(a) pozvánku:"

    Am I correct, or is the first version possible as well?

    děkuji mockrát za pomoc,

  2. skh

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    ... has accepted the invitation.


  3. Wicker808

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    Hi Sonja,

    Your analysis is correct. The current translation is ungrammatical. Your translation is correct. However, I would propose using pozvání (invitation) instead of pozvánka (invitation letter).

    That code looks like PHP. If so, my deepest condolences. :)
  4. skh

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    Thank you, that's most helpful, with that information I was able to open a bug to get it fixed.

    It's not PHP, the file is actually in gettext/PO format, so I was using pseudocode to make it more readable here ;-)

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