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Discussion in 'Language Exchange & Czech Classes' started by Katkah, May 14, 2008.

  1. Katkah

    Katkah New Member

    I am looking for a Spaniard who would be willing to help me with my Spanish. I offer to help you with your Czech. I was practising language exchange with a friend from Chile for two years and it was great. Unfortunately my friend came back home so I am looking for someone else:).
  2. arashe

    arashe New Member

    Ahoj, katkah!!

    I am Colombian and just move to Brno
    I could help u out with ur Spanish and u can give me a hand with my Cz.
    if it sounds good for u just let me know.

    Graciass.................aracelly :D
  3. Katkah

    Katkah New Member

    thanks for your offer, but I live in Prague, so it is not possible to meet you.
    But I wish you a nice stay in Czech Republic.
  4. arashe

    arashe New Member

    only after postiing the comment i realized u r in Praha.
    thx for the wishes
  5. machadogj

    machadogj New Member

    Hi, I am in Praga, and will be until October. I am interested in learning Czech, and I can help you with Spanish since I am from Argentina.

    How does the tutoring work?

  6. Katkah

    Katkah New Member

    Hi Machadogj,
    sorry for not responding, I did not notice your message.
    Fortunately, I have found someone to meet with already.
    Thanks anyway for your reply.
    Enjoy your time in our country!

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