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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by raduandrei, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. raduandrei

    raduandrei Member

    Hi, my first post here!
    I would like to visit Prague and I found this accomodation info:

    Anyone of you know anything more about this hostel? Is it close to the center(or at least easy to get to downtown from there), is it clen&safe?
    You know, this kind of things: should i go there, or should i reconsider it?

    Many, many tkx!

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  2. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome to the boards!

    I do not know the hostel, but I looked it up on a map. The hostel is not close to the center, so you would not be able to walk there. It looks like the Kańćerov metro station (line C - red) is within walking distance and it's 6 stops to the Muzeum station, which is at the top of Wenceslas Square. There are also some bus stops in the area. The metro and buses both stop running at midnight however. So, your only option would be take a night bus. It's hard to tell from the map how close a night bus stop is to your hostel, where you would catch it from the center, and how long the trip would take. Buses and trams do not run as frequently overnight.

    Hope this information helps. If you can find a hostel that is closer to the center or at least close enough to a night tram stop it might be more convenient. I don't know how late you like to stay out at night though. :)

    Some helpful information on Prague trams, buses, and the metro can be found on the My Czech Republic Transportation page.
  3. raduandrei

    raduandrei Member

    ok, i got it!
    many tkx!
  4. racoon

    racoon Active Member

    Good and cheap location in Prague is Strahov
    walk distance Prague castle, Mala strana, Petrin park, downtown, students pubs and clubs, ....I spent there more than 6 years
  5. raduandrei

    raduandrei Member

    hey, tkx racoon for the advice!
    2 bad that your link request me a pass... :wink:
  6. raduandrei

    raduandrei Member

    my mistake....
    works also without pass!
  7. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    I never stayed in Strahov, but enjoyed the pubs there. If you want to check out some more of Prague's many hostels, My Czech Republic has a listing of youth hostels. You can check availability and book online. It looks like Welcome Hotel Strahov no longer offers online booking, so I think you would need to contact them directly.

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