Step Up/Step Down Voltage Converter / Transformer 2000 Watts

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    For Sale: 2000 Watt Step up Step Down Transformer (US Made)
    Location: Prague 1

    Output for European, US and UK plugs.

    Its in extremely good condition.

    Capacity 2000W
    Input Voltage 110/200/220/240 Volt
    Output Voltage 110/220-240 Volt
    Switch BREAKER
    Fuse Protected Yes
    Dimension (WxLxH) in 7.2 x 9.9 x 6.0 in
    Weight 35.00 Lbs

    Image: ... 0LARGE.jpg

    2000 Watts is enough power for just about everything in your home. If you are from the USA, this is a must have if you own numerous electrical items that are at 110 Volts.

    Also included are the fuses for it as well.

    It is for sale at 2000 CZK. I am leaving Prague so I don't need it anymore.

    (If you were to buy it in the USA, its $300 new and easily would cost another $80 just to ship it to Prague from there).

    Its in Prague 1 for pick up.

    Please email to your

    1) Name
    2) Mobile
    3) email


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