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    The mystical creature Golem, created out of clay by rabbi Yehudah Löw ben Bezalel in Prague possessing extraordinary strength as documented in the sequel "Císařův pekař" and "Pekařův císař" by Martin Frice in 1951.
    Jewish mysticism is based on legends of life by presenting itself through magical formulas.
    Golem is often described as a robot like being, but in the Hebrew bible version and in Talmud the term ‘’golem’’ represents a shapeless substance.
    It has only resumed its physical shape in medieval times when legends and myths reflected peoples wisdom and their way of life. The Jewish population believed that created beings were there to protect them. The best documented legend of Golem was in the 16th century when rabbi Löw created the Golem out of clay for the purpose of being a servant.

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