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    :) Hello everyone. I am the "new girl on the block" and looking forward to hearing from others who, like me, simply adore the Czech Republic and everything Czech. I studied medicine at Charles University in Prague back in the late 60's/early 70's. I spent a year at the Univerzita 17eho listopadu (University of the 17th November) in Marianske Lazne learning the Czech language to enable me to study medicine in Prague. I lived in Czechoslovakia, as it then was, from 1967 to 1972. In August 1968 I hitch-hiked back across Europe from the UK with a Czech tricolour on my rucksack to get back to Prague and my friends. They were days which have been woven in to the fabric of history and of which I was part. The events of the time forged bonds which can never be broken. I still have Czech friends that I keep in touch with and visit the country as often as I can. It would be nice to make contact with others who studied at the Fakulta Vseobecneho Lekarstvi Karlove Univerzity between September 1968 and June 1972 and who might remember me - I was the only student from the West and had my "15 minutes of fame" in the British press so perhaps someone will remember me.

    Tak "na schledanou" zatim a tesim se na odpoved!

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