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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by julz, May 17, 2006.

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    Has any one studied abroad in CR with either CIEE or with Charles U (ECES)?
    I was accepted to both programs and i don't know which to do. ECES is cheaper up front but CIEE has many things included in the cost as well as the library in English, trips, insurance, and a lot of support. The down side is that I fear that that I will have to work to get a feeling for Czech culture because I will be tied to a group of aprox. 80 Americans. ECES program only includes housing and tuition. There is much less support but I would be a regular student at CU just taking classes in English. I have found it hard to contact the ECES program people or to get prompt responses from them. I am low on info about the program in English but from what I can tell the classes are similar in both programs. The differences are the housing is better in the more expensive program (ciee) and there is a lot more supervision and help also the less expensive program (ECES) is not yet approved by my school it would take extra leg work on my part to but it costs about 3000 USD less. I’m not sure what to do. any opinion or advice would be welcome and appreciated. Thanks guys!

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