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    I'm a french history teacher living in Normandy. Unfortunately with my satellite connection I can't watch czech TV programs. There are polish, bulgarian, hungarian, rumanian channels but no czech and I want to learn some czech for my studies and historical research. I would really appreciate if someone living in the czech Rep. could tape some (interesting) TV programs for me and send the tape. What I call interesting can be the TV news, a political debate, a discussion about the new books or movies, a czech movie from the 1960's or more recent, a documentary about the history of the Czechs with some visual archives (I would love that...). That would be very nice and great for me. I can send you a tape with some french TV or the BBC if you are interested in learning french or english. Just tell me what kind of programm you like. A last question : can a tape recorded in the Czech Rep. be played in France and vice versa ? Maybe someone knows the answer. Na shledanou. Christophe
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    well if you have someone in CZ who can buy a cryptoworks card which does unlock some czech and slovak satelitte channells then you can watch them too. The best selection is at ASTRA 2A/B/D and Eurobird. But you need to have an cryptoworks enabled receiver.

    We did this on our vacation in Greece and got main czech channels working without problems.

    for channel selection look here at the bottom of the list http://www.parabola.cz/prehledy.php?sho ... ozice=28e2

    here some info too http://www.czechlink.cz/EDefault.html
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    UPC do the same.

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