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  1. eyesmax

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    Good morning all,

    every time I came to Prague I spent large amount of money on shopping. But I did not think to get the Tax refund.

    This time I will do it but I do not know how & where and when.

    Can you please give me some information about that?

    Thank you,
  2. MK

    MK Well-Known Member

    Just shortly:

    1) Over 2000 CZK in one day in one shop (seller)
    2) No food, no alcohol, no tobacco, no fuel
    3) You must fill in the form which shall be confirmed on the EU borders
    4) When you came back again then you give this form to the seller and he/she (if he/she is familiar with the process and understand what is supposed to do) give you VAT back.

    Link to the form: ... 5235_4.pdf

    There are also companies which do its business helping you with it:

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