teach me Czech in Sussex, England?

Discussion in 'Language Exchange & Czech Classes' started by johnno, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. johnno

    johnno New Member

    I'm looking for a Czech tutor based in Sussex or South East England.
    Any help in finding a contact would be really welcome
  2. editas01

    editas01 Member

    Hello, I am native Czech speaker and I already teach Czech to one Englishwoman. First I would like to ask you where do you live to know if is possible to meet then I would write you more informations what you are interested in.
    Just generally. I am 23, this year I have graduated university Education in focus on leisure and resocialization, sport focus. Now I need to improve my English, so I have used the easiest way - work as an au pair here.
    Feel free to ask me some quastions, best regards, Edita
  3. johnno

    johnno New Member

    Hi Edita
    I live near Lewes in East Sussex. I also work in Lewes.
    Where do you live?

    I've been married to a Czech for 10 years, also Edita! and I have visited the Czech Republic many times. Where are you from?

    I had a few private lessons years ago. Although I know several hundred Czech words, I don't know enough to have a conversation or to understand more than basic expressions (despite my wife's help!). I'm looking to get a better understanding of the language and to gain enough confidence to converse a little on my visits there.

    If you prefer to reply to my email send to johnnymoore06@aol.com
    I look forward to hearing from you. regards. John

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