teaching English as a Foreign language in Moravia

Discussion in 'Jobs Wanted' started by mynameisrab, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. mynameisrab

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    I can't speak Czech but I have been teaching in a Secondary School in the U.K. for 30 years.

    I would like to teach conversational English in Moravia.

    any advice?
  2. southie

    southie Member

    My advice is rather simple. Go to Moravia and start networking.

    You don’t necessarily need a TEFL certificate, especially given your work experience.

    I would be wary of any school or agency that hires you “sight unseen.” The rate of pay and the conditions are probably well below the average.

    Seek out English teachers in your area (in Moravia). The native speakers can probably be found in pubs. And I have found the teachers (here in Prague) to be very supportive. I have also found that getting to know Czech English teachers to be quite useful on many fronts, most importantly in the area of referrals. All of my current students were referred to me by their Czech English teacher.

    Don’t worry about your lack of Czech (language). For teaching purposes, it is not needed. However, you cannot expect shop assistants, barmen, and police officers, et. al. to understand English. It can be frustrating. Even when you know basic Czech.

    Lastly, I would advise coming here with enough money to sustain at least a year of underemployment. Building up a client base takes time.

    Best of luck.

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