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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by 604inYVR, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. 604inYVR

    604inYVR New Member

    Hi Everybody! This is my first post on this site and I'm here to ask about Brno. I hope to be relocating to Brno early in the fall and plan on spending at least a year there, if not more. I've tried looking on the internet for info, but haven't really found what I've been looking for. I was hoping someone here could help me out, or at least point me in the right direction.

    Are there alot of Americans/Canadians/UK persons there? I'm choosing to not live in Prague to avoid as many of these people as possible. Also, what is there to do for nightlife there as far as pubs and discos and that sort of thing go? Finally, being from Canada I am a HUGE fan of hockey and have been told that the Czech league is the best in the world outside of the NHL. Is there a major team there?

    Thanks for reading this, please post some helpful info if you can. It would be much appreciated! :D
  2. kasper

    kasper New Member

    :D Considering all, l really don't understand why do you not go to live in Prague...In prague there is a big foreign comunity, many americans people, and about Canedians I don't know...But surely Prague could be more interesting for an anglosaxon person...many pubs, many blues cafès...Brno it's beautiful, but more and more boring...It's up to you..
  3. 604inYVR

    604inYVR New Member

    I don't want to live in Prague because my interest in moving to the CR is to live amongst the people, learn their language, and live within their culture. If I wanted to hang out with Canadians, and Americans I would simply stay here. Plus, I feel that to get a true sense of the people of a country, you have to live outside of a major city. Brno is still pretty big from what I understand, but nothing compared to Prague.
  4. Halef

    Halef Well-Known Member

    Great decision. Brno is good :)

    So, the bad news first. There is no major hockey team in Brno. In fact, I would not wonder if there was no hockey team at all soon. The hockey stadium looks like a ruin. The two Brno teams, Kometa and Hvezda play some third or fourth league. I would also love to visit nice hockey games in Brno, but no chance today. The nearest first league town is Znojmo - about 70 km from Brno.

    As for the English speaking people - there may be some, but I do not know any and do not meet many in the streets. Except of those "look I am an American tourist" figures and some Mormonic missionaires :)

    Nightlife. Most pubs and bars close at 11 p.m. or midnight, just some clubs in the centre run till early morning. The streets are quite empty when I try to catch my 3 a.m. bus to the college :) Shortly - you can have fun, if you know where to go, but there is no wild nightlife in the streets.

    To describe the city as such - some people say that Brno is the biggest village in the Central Europe. I think they are quite right :)
    You can walk from one end of Brno to another in an hour or so. The city centre is in fact one pedestrian zone - starting at the train station, Masarykova st, Svoboda sq., Ceska st. , plus some surrounding lanes.

    The public transport system is excelent - dense network of trams and buses allows you to travel anywhere quite quickly.

    I am going to start my fifth year in Brno in Semptember, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  5. Rasputin

    Rasputin Member

    Been in Brno 92 and 2000 and will go back for a few days next months. Absolutely liked it there! Small but great. Think it's always a better decision to not go to the capitol of any country if you wanna learn and feel more about people and culture and live in general in this country!

    For nightlife I can remember we spent a lot of time in "Charlies Bar" in city centre!!! Great location! Does it still exist?

    Does anyone know a close campsite or places where to stay with a camper, because next months I'll go to CZ by mobile home!

    Also would be very nice if anyone could recommend some interesting things in and around Brno to me. Culture, historical places, national parks to be f*cking lazy, nature, etc....

    thanx in advance!
  6. Halef

    Halef Well-Known Member

    Oh yes, it does. I like it, too. Last year we made a "Tour de Pub" with some friends. Charlies, Zelena kocka, Bastila, Pegas. Nice experience :)

    As for culture - there is this cathedral, Petrov on a hill quite near the centre. I like walking around there, it is a peaceful area just few steps from the rush everywhere. Then you have Spilberk, the famous Brno castle with catacombs and old prison. If you like mummies, you may wish to visit the catacombs on Dominikanske namesti, they have some mumified monks down there. The old townhall might be called a must, as it keeps the symbol of Brno, a dragon . Plus there is a nice view from the top of the townhall tower. Zelny trh, a square near the townhall, is a good place to shop for fruit and vegatables ar just watch the life. If I remember correctly, there is the Moravian museum on the square as well. The Moravian gallery is in several buildings, all of them not far from the centre.. There are some interesting churches, the small brewery Pegas with its special beers, Luzanky park where you can walk or play petanque... Just tell me what you want to do or see and I tell you where to go :)
  7. Anduska

    Anduska Member

    Hi Andre:

    I recognized that your are a Canadian who recently moved to Brno.
    Me and my husbnad are Czechs (living in Brno) soon moving to Canada.
    I believe that it would be interesting to meet and chat, since we have a little bit in common. In case of your interest please let me know at:
  8. yorkie19

    yorkie19 New Member

    Brno. Such happy memories. I was a student there from September to December 94. One of the best times of my life.

    I went back at the end of 02 and so much hasn't changed. Pegas is still there, as is the Hobbit bar near the University.

    The transport system is first rate, especially coming from the UK where it doesn't work so well, and there are plenty of places to get a good meal.

    While I was living there, there was even an Irish bar!

  9. kimarina

    kimarina Member

    There are lots of native English speakers in Brno . I am an English girl volunteering here. It is is a great city, loads to do, nice people, cheap, and zou will find plenty of ice hockey supporters. Let me know what u decide.
  10. silverkinguk

    silverkinguk Well-Known Member

    Ya Brno is good.I prefer than Prague because you get those weird foreign people there lol.Tourists mainly.
    Brno has the pegas beer is mmm fantastic,
    People are friendly in Brno and I recommend it.
    Nice town and nightlife.Nightlife is not as good as Prague but you want local people Brno is nice to go to.
    Sam :D
  11. player1

    player1 Active Member

    Hey people, I agree with the whole thing about not going to Prag...I also want to avoid that whole theme park for expats BUT...would be nice once in a while to hook up with some native english speakers. I've only been here a week but love this place (more than prag!) - so, any musicians out there? Of any nationality? I got some solo stuff in the pipeline but have come here for inspiration and to broaden my horizons so if you're interesting and want to enjoy this place to the full we should get some pivos down us and start chatting - but please, I'm SOOOOOO bored of discussing the american elections with yankees, let's have some fun!!!!

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