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Discussion in 'Culture' started by Anonymous, Jun 28, 2002.

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    I moved to Slovakia 2 months ago, and am still kinda new to the culture. After hearing about "pomlazky", I am a little nervous. I want to be a good sport and participate in everything that I can, but am havind doubts about this one. Does it really hurt?, can I wear jeans on this day, or do I have to be bear-legged? I have a lot of questions, but no answers. thanks.
  2. Dana

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    Hi Viki,

    Did you read the Pomlazky discussion in this forum? Don't be nervous. It does not really hurt or I should say it is not supposed to hurt - it depends on the person but it's never real PAIN. And yes, you can wear jeans although it may disappoint some of your male visitors. [​IMG] Remember, you don't have to do or be anything. This is just a fun custom, not an obligation to be afraid of. Make sure you have some painted eggs ready as a reward for the beating. Funny tradition, isn't it?
  3. Anonymous

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    Hi, viki. I know obout all of the things you read here, but let me tell you it is quite different experiencing it first-hand. First of all, it really does hurt. I had welts all the way up my legs for days! Also, theres a much more of a "party" atmosphere to the whole event then described, but I bet it differs from region to region
  4. Dana

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    Hi there,
    Well, I guess it's hard to generalize. I have never had any real painful experience myself and have never had welts or other marks on my legs after the "beating" - maybe because I always wear long pants. So if you're worried, try doing that.
  5. magan

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    To be "good sport" you are suppose to laugh and run while guy with Pomlazka will chase you. Longer you run away and laugh more "fun" it is for guys. Have some treat ready for him i.e. chocolate egg or real egg which is coloured and decorated.

    Now... don't get your knickers in knot, as it could happen that nobody will be interested in whipping you. If you have some male friends you can indicate that you are interested, but ask them to be gentle.

    It is just traditional "dusting winter out before spring" and not real beating, even though in Slovakia it is enjoyed more than in other parts of ex-Czechoslovakia. And Yes, do wear pants just for sure.
  6. wesley

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    A good man or boy will always be respectful of the woman. With babichkas, they just give a little tap. The babichkas love to be reminded of their youth and their attractivenss. So take a look at the guy coming toward you. If he's half drunk and leering, face him down, point your finger at the twig, and give him a firm, confident, "Ne!". Throw in a good insult if you know one. Don't run. You have ruined all his pleasure and embarrassed him. Other boys won't hurt you. And indeed, enjoy the attention from the attractive ones and make them earn their little tap. Maybe for your first time Jeans would be a good idea!
  7. racoon

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    It is an interesting habit, I just like it, it is fun, a lot of songs, a lot of food and drinks, the best place to spend Velikonoce is Southern Moravia, it is just beautiful

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