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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by Danjakob, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Danjakob

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    Dobrý Den,

    I'll be in Brno in less than two weeks and I was wondering if there is a textbook store that anyone knew of?
    I need to buy my textbooks for the university.

    Or is there an online site that I could order from and have it delivered?


  2. Alexx

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    I did not study in Brno, but maybe this will help:

    textbook = učebnice (for elementary and high schools)
    textbook(s) = skripta (pl., sg. "skriptum" is rarely used) for universities

    place where you can buy these (both of them) is called "prodejna učebnic", "prodejna skript" or "skriptárna".

    Skripta are usually written by faculty professors, phd students... and are only printed in very limited volumes (100 copies or such), and are usually intended for just one particular class (Architecture 101) and its students - hence written in czech.

    University libraries usually have plenty of skripta, so maybe some library in Orlando can arrange what usually is called here "Meziknihovní výpůjční služba" - (something like "Inter-librarian lending service").

    Some "stable" topics like anatomy, chemistry, history... can be easy to get (older are still valid), but 10 years old skripta for computer science are only good for you if you have fireplace at your home (unless you study computer science history). So what I (we) mainly used for styding was called "distanční opora" (= distance support) - textbooks for... I have no idea how this is called in english - not full time students (people who attend like one weekend during month).

    (we have two types of study of university - prezenční (as the name reveals - you have to be present), and distanční (you can be "distant", study at home, only attend once a while.)

    So, unless someone with experience from Brno will tell, try to do some googling.

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