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Discussion in 'Culture' started by skate007, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. withoutaim

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    It's very interesting to know that we - the Czechs - have "typical" appearance:)) I think you can find all ethnic types among the Czechs. A Czech can look like a typical Swede as well as a typical Italian. But I've heard about quite an interesting story about the Czech look: Reinhard Heydrich was deeply angry with the Czechs for looking more nordic than the inhabitants of Bavaria according to the racial research he ordered.

    I like this characterization of the Czech look I read in the book called "Nebe pod BerlĂ­nem" about - "The Czechs are made of Slavonic mucles, German skelet and Celtic spirit!:)

  2. Dan

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    I am around quite a few Czech Americans because the Catholic parish that I belong to in the states has many families that came from Czech lands.

    Seems to me that physical traits can be all over the board but there does seem to be a tendency toward eyes that are blue, gray, or hazel rather than brown. Most hair color seems to be a shade of brown.

    The most prominent feature though seems to be a nose that is usually longer and perhaps more noticeable compared to Euros farther west or north.

    Having sais this, though, I be if you gave me a picture of 10 people with 5 Czechs in it, I would have trouble picking out the Czechs.

    Regards to everyone,
  3. Serek

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    I'm half Czech, a quarter Bavarian, and a quarter Hungarian, and both my parents have light brown hair and dark eyes. My hair, however, is almost black, and my eyes are darker. does anyone know which of my nationalities this comes from?
  4. Jana

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    It is your Hungarian blood - dark hair, dark eyes... and maybe quick-tempered as well?
  5. Serek

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    eh...quick to anger, quick to forgive, I guess. Thanks for that clarification.
  6. kjung

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    These well-defined cheekbones (which I would probably describe as "Germanic") tend to make guys very attractive, but give a little too much robustness to girls, IMHO.

    well, I was speaking only of cheekbones, not of Czech girls, I hardly know any!
  7. withoutaim

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    Well, but I think marked cheek-bones are one of many reasons why Czech girls are very successful in (top)modeling. :D
  8. Sova

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    I was often told I looked Czech, although I am 1/2 English/Scottish/Welsh, 1/4 Danish, and 1/4 German. Hmm ...
  9. withoutaim

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    Some people considered me to be a German (somewhen even a French), though I'm 3/4 Czech and 1/4 Slovak. :D
  10. kjung

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    Some people consider me Czech though I am 0% Czech! :lol:
  11. Irish_student

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    Some people think I'm Czech...usually because I lie, tell them I am, then come up with a few phrases in Czech (such as nemluvim mots Cesky!) then tell them a few 'stories' about my 'life' in my beloved 'motherland'... :lol:

    Sorry about all the apostrophes, and I really have to stop doing that, I've gone too far with it in some cases!
  12. Ladis

    Ladis Well-Known Member

    Lol, very funny :D
  13. Irish_student

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    Theres actually a few people around college who I HAVE to pretend to be Czech around every time I see them...I really have to stop.
  14. gypzy

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    Wow this is a neat forum, in which I came to by accident :oops: ! When I read Czech looks, I thought it was a forum about fashion l-o-l :lol: ! I noticed people talking about Czechs having high defined cheekbones and strong jaws, long noses. I consider myself a "euro-ameri mutt", in a nice way because I'm Bohemian, German, Danish, English, Irish and Cherokee. The Bohemian line is an all female line. Ther's an American belief of "like mother like daughter". This is true in looks and attitude. I look exactly like my gg grandmother who was a first generation Bohemian-American. She had high cheekbones, a defined jaw, pouty lips, small but not too small eyes (according to my g grandma blue-green), a long defined nose, quite a bit of space between her brows and forehead and red hair, but it all came together in a feminine way. I've seemed to have similararities to her sisters and neices. My grandmother in the 1940's had that undescribable look that Russian/Slavic sexy spy women had in WWII movies. I was always made fun of because I didn't look like typical American girls, you know the round chubby face, small pointy jaw, button nose, extra large eyes, small forehead. Basically looking like "Bratz Dolls".

    Are Czech women curvy? Not that I'm gay. And I have nothing against people who are. Anyhew, I'm asking because the women in my family are really curvy. Even when we're at our skinniest! All the way back to my gg grandma and her sisters. I don't know about my ggg grandma, the only pic I have of her is when she was an old lady. She did have 12 children, first one at age 13 or 14, if that tells you anything :wink: ! Do Czech men like curvy women or lollipop girls?

    By 4 Now
  15. Paint

    Paint Well-Known Member

    *shrugging* about half the Czechs I know dress like Native Americans.
  16. silverkinguk

    silverkinguk Well-Known Member

    Curves fine by me anytime ;)
  17. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    GYPZY.....I just got off the floor...I was laughing so hard. You really made my day.

    You wrote: "Are Czech women curvy (WHORES)? Not that I'm gay. And I have nothing against people who are. Anyhew, I'm asking because the women in my family are really curvy (WHORES). Even when we're at our skinniest! All the way back to my gg grandma and her sisters. I don't know about my ggg grandma, the only pic I have of her is when she was an old lady. She did have 12 children, first one at age 13 or 14, if that tells you anything! Do Czech men like curvy (WHORES) or lollipop girls? "

    Gypzy: in Czech curvy (pron. Kurvy) means Whores.
    I hope you had a good laugh and that your family won't disown you.
    Have a great day.
  18. silverkinguk

    silverkinguk Well-Known Member

    Thats a bit harsh init.We talking about english curvy.

  19. MarianCorwin

    MarianCorwin Member

    This is totally hysterical! :lol: I have been wondering the same thing myself, what is a general preference that Czech men have as far as women's body type. Curvy not Kurvy being the characteristic here! ;) Anyway I'll be in Prague this summer and I can't help but worry that I'll be surrounded by 6 foot tall blonde runway models who weigh 100 lbs. HaHa, well I guess there's no hope for a typical American girl...
  20. John Rihacek

    John Rihacek Active Member

    To all:

    Most of my Czech relatives, I am half Czech and Italian, were well over 6 feet tall especially the men. The women were around 5'6'' to 5'8'' even
    though my Czech grandmother had female cousins at 6'00.'' I thought this
    was the norm until I made contact with fourth cousins in New Ringold,
    Pennsylvania who were also Rihaceks from an adjacent village in Southwest Morvaia, they tend to be on the average to short height side.
    These cousisn still spelled their names like mine, as opposed to my direct
    second cousins in Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania who spell their name phonetically to preserve the pronounciation for English speaking ears,
    "Rehatchek", quite a common practice in Pennsylvania coal country for
    people with any kind of slavic name.

    Recently I have met Czech emigres in New Jersey, and their height range
    from small to tall, so it is hard to generalize if we come from a nation of
    giants. If ever Czech was tall then we would see some showing up as
    NCAA and Pro basketball players. The ethnic groups of choice appear to
    be Montengerians and Nigerians that are taller than average.

    Incidentally my brother and I are 6'00'' which is tall enough, but my late father and his brothers always had terrible times finding clothing that fit
    and entry into smaller autos.

    In my limited experience I have met Czechs of various heights and weights in the USA. Similarly, I have traveled extensively in Germany and the heights of the Germans are not much different that found here.
    Southern Bavaria had a large number of people with dark brown hair, and
    olive complexions. In reality, Europe thourgh invasions and migrations
    is more mixed than most will admit.

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