The official name of the Czech Republic.

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    For an unknown reason DjAvatar mystifies us. There is no "official" one-word name of the Czech Republic. According to the Constitution and laws of the CR, the only official name is

    Česká republika (in English: the Czech Republic)

    Similarly like the only official name of the UK is:
    the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irland

    The simplifications like "the United Kingdom", "Great Britain" or even "England" are inaccurate for obvious reasons.

    BTW, the USA have no one-word name as well (if we don't count "Yewessay" as one word). To call them "America" or "the States" is inappropriate although common esp. in Europe.
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    Well I'd still like to know how to pronounce Czechia. :)
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    I remember this was discussed before, but the topic is possibly lost in some unrelated thread and searching for “Czechia” or “Czech Republic” is not good idea :wink:.

    The national law of the Czech Republic uses only the term “Česká republika”, but in the UN, the Czech Republic is registered as “Česká republika, zkráceně Česko”/“Czech Republic, in short Czechia”.
    That’s English problem, but whenever I hear “Czechia” pronounced as “Čekia” I remember ЧК. :wink:
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    Ah! The good ole days ...
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  6. Alexx

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    I wonder how would be the name "shortened", if, hypoteticaly, Scotland will separate from The UK (of GB. a N.I.). (no offence, just hypotetical case)

    UK of England, Wales or Northern Ireland?

    Czechia is the official one-word name of the Czech Republic. Full name "Czech Republic" should only be used in official documents and titles of official institutions. In all other cases, the one-word name Czechia should be preferred.
  7. Troll

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    No given link supports your claim that Česko and Czechia are "official" short names of the Czech Republic. The authors of the mentioned web sites have no mandate to decide on it.

    For me Česko is synonymous with Čechy (like Rakousko-Rakousy, Uhersko-Uhry, ...) and Czechia is an artificial invention indecipherable for the majority of the English speakers.

    You must resign to the fact that the CR is rather unimportant and unknown in the global scale and the best way how to identify for example our products is "Made in the Czech Republic (Europe)".

    Czechia is puzzling for too many people in the world. They probably never heard and never will hear about this remarkable neologism. :wink:

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