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    Could anyone tell me more about getting a photocard for the 30 day pass in Prague? Can I buy this from the airport? What do i need to take with me to get the photocard? How easy is it to fill in the form? Thanks for any help you can give me!
  2. When I visited, I just needed to take a small photo of myself down to one of the small kiosks located in several of the metro terminals and they made the pass up for me right there. I know this isn't very helpful, but I was with a guide so I just let them do all the talking, haha.
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    As this was originally posted in June, it might all be academic now, but just in case...

    I'm fairly sure that you can only get them at certain metro stations - that's certainly the case with the three month passes, which is what I use. I don't know all of them but I go to Anděl. And the staff there usually speak enough English to help you through the process.
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    The places of sell at Metro stations are listed here.
    Just click on "Trasa X" and you get list of metro stations on the selected line where you can get the pass and also the coupons.

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