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Discussion in 'Food & Drink' started by andrew the scot, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. Just returned after 5 days, wonderful city ,, would recommend the following,, a must,, Pivovarski dum, lipova 15, wonderful beer do try theit geeraffe measure, 4 litres delivered to ure table in an over sized test tube,with a tap for poring attached,,U vejvodu jilska 4 . a lively pub on a friday night wonderful food, reasoable prices tho found it a wee bit disconcerting not gwetting an itemised bill.u pinkasu jungmannovo 15, lovely atmoshere beer superb,, not the cheapest but well worth a visit.we visited picnice u svejku ujexd 22, while we thoroughly enjoyed our visit found we were charged 40 crowns per beer against 17.5 in our local in smichov.. on the whole a wonderful town for food and drink
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    Thank you Andrew. Your observations are great and very usefull.
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    Hi Andrew! Could you recommend any other places to eat in Prague? We are going in May.. We will definitely visit Pivovarsky Dum. Any other places we should look into?

    Thank you!

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