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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ahmad eliwa, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. ahmad eliwa

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  2. ahmad eliwa

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    50 readers & 0 response , COOL !!
  3. Ctyri koruny

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    Heh don't feel bad, there are a lot of people who read the forum and never post, and a lot of people that just wouldn't be able to answer your questions.

    I dunno what rent is like in Ostrava. I guess that an apartment with furniture and bills will be somewhere between 6000 and 8000 crowns a month, but someone correct me if i'm wrong.

    Cost of living/ food and stuff.. about 800 crowns a week for all my food and shampoo and all that kind of stuff.

    Loads of tax, but it all depends. On what i dunno.
  4. ahmad eliwa

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  5. GlennInFlorida

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    First, let me say welcome to the forum -I'm sure you will get some more responses to your questions.

    A lot of people here are like me, very fond of the Czech Republic but not living there and knowing a lot about the financial details of living there.

    I visit a lot and could help with questions about general tourism but not the other stuff. I do know that costs can vary greatly in different parts of the country so, with any luck, you will find someone who is familiar with Ostrava.
  6. ahmad eliwa

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    Dear Glenn, thank you for your reply which hold your kindness,
    for that i will be sure to receive more responses, & of course when i will be there ; i will ask you about where can i tour and enjoying the country :)
    now, i will wait for someone familiar with Ostrava life to answer my question,
    wish u good luck, success,
  7. Alexx

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    It is really not easy to answer. Salary can be anything between 20-100 000, depends on your abilities, experience, asset for the company. Expect to pay about 20% of income tax.

    Rentals in Ostrava are way cheaper than in Prague, I am not living there now, but lot of my friends are, I guess 6000-8000 is realistic (depends on the size of appartment, location), plus say 2000 for utility bills.

    Cost of life depends, but as you will cook, you should be OK with, 500-1000 CZK a week.
  8. ahmad eliwa

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    ALEXX,, good morning & thank you for your sent information,
    kindly send me ur mail , i will like to meet u when coming to CZ (of course it depends if you will like or not),
    wish u a powerful day,
  9. Alexx

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    You can send me private message here, I do check it every day. However I am in Prague now most of the time.
  10. The Animal

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    vítám vás
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    I can find out everything for you, my wife is from Darkovciky a village about 20 minutes drive away to the north. We go there every year, she has friends who live in Ostrava. Why Ostrava? What work are you looking for?



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