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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by BoredintheUSA, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Dana

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    CU, you must be suffering from a multiple personality disorder. You just made a statement about generalization that I agree with and that you routinely go against in your own posts.

    Yes, the Czech Republic, like any country, has its good and bad sides. A lot of us are talking about the good things here because you're doing very well at making the country or at least Prague look like a place one wouldn't want to touch with a six foot pole. I imagine that Wendy came to these boards to get people's personal opinions and not to learn about the country's global reputation or be presented with a number of online articles that point a finger at Prague's problems. I'm sure that with her Masters, she's able to do that type of research herself.

    Has it occurred to you that we may actually like Prague and the Czech Republic?

    Yes, he was "someone else", "another". Not "others". By the way, how do you know he's an idiot? Have you met him?

    Here we go again. Twisting things around. Why do you keep doing that? You said that I was denying their existence and I was defending the practice... Why are you changing the subject and talking about some articles now? I directly answered what you had addressed to me and you're now making it sound like you were addressing everyone who hadn't commented on your articles.

    I know your wife is Czech and I know the one woman is "Harry Potter's mom" (you must mean the mom of Daniel Radcliffe). How does that change what I wrote? What does nationality and celebrity status have to do with the subject of "sleaze in Prague"? You said previously that I was alone in feeling that I don't live in a city overrun with sex. I'm repeating that I am not alone. The people and articles you quote don't make me alone in my views. Maybe you should look up the definition of some words, such as "alone", "to deny", "to defend". You have a tendency to use words rather randomly.

    I know you're doing something. You said that last time. That is why I wrote that I give you credit. I said I can't stand people who keep complaining but don't do anything to change things. You and your wife are obviously not those people. I don't understand why you're getting defensive when I say that I give you credit for wanting to move. I also did not ask if you and your wife vote. I said "I assume your wife votes" (there, some more words for you to look up in the dictionary: "people", "question", "to assume"). "And me"? And me what? Do you mean if I vote? Yes, I do. Do you mean if I'm a member of the same civic society as you are? No, I'm not. Do you mean if I do something to change a situation I complain about? You bet! I complained about working nine to five and having to ask my boss for vacation time, so I became an entrepreneur. I complain about Bush and Paroubek, so I vote against them. I complain about bad customer service, so I write about it on the internet, naming names. I complain about people abandoning their dogs, so I contribute to the humane society and dog shelters. I repeat, I'm glad you're doing something to change things. Good for you and thank you.

    Why are you asking my children's age? Did I ever say I liked the presence of sex shops and prostitutes in Prague? Did I ever say I wouldn't mind having a sex club next door to my house or my children's school or that I thought it was ok?

    Anyway, I'm out of here. I have more important things to do than try to have a discussion with someone who's not willing or able to have a discussion.

    Good luck with your escape!

  2. GlennInFlorida

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    Just a side note: it was Daniel Radcliffe's (the actor who plays Harry Potter) parents who ostensibly objected to filming in Prague. The report was later denied by the parents. Prague is a wonderful city, despite CU's warped, tunnel-view of it.
  3. CU

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    you are all correct, it is normal that we walk past a whore house 30 seconds to an elemantary school, it does not have an above average number of casinos and herna bars, the articles prove that I am alone in my opinion of it being a sleeze capital and my son should become a prostitute at my neighbors house, well done...goodbye
  4. alenastef

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  5. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    Just to give my opinion, it looks as though CU is angry because he invested in some property and then sex shops, etc, came in and devalued the property in which he invested. I would be very angry as well. He is complaining because these shops actually caused financial harm to his family. They also changed the environment in which he chose to live and now he has no escape from it because his property has devalued and he can't afford to sell.

    I understand his anger. I don't think there are many of us on this board that wouldn't also feel angry if the same happened to us. Let's look at it from a different perspective. Say it wasn't sex shops. Lets say you bought property in a nice area with the environment in which you choose to live and then some neighbors come in and set up a junk yard and a garbage dump right next to you. Now your environment has changed, you see junky cars every where, you smell the entire surrounding area's garbage and your property value has dropped so significantly that you would take a huge loss if you sold. You can't afford the loss because you would have to pay the mortgage on that home as well as your new home and it's just not possible. So you have to live with it and you hate it. Most of you would be angry as well and very angry with your local government for allowing those things to come to your neighborhood.

    Unfortunately, CU's complaints offended others and the thread simply got out of hand. Complaints on both sides got extremely personal and hurt feelings. That's too bad. I hope that everyone could simply try to understand's the other's perspective and not take it personal. I hope everyone here can agree to disagree and still partake in the great discussions that happen on this board daily. :( I would hate to see anyone, including CU, leave this board because of this one thread. There are still many great discussions to be had, even if everyone can't agree here.
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    You laid it out very nicelly, dzurisovak. I wish you had equally generous insight when people criticised president Bush, which you have coined "bashing". So now you give us words of wisdom on how we all should come together if CU uses offensive language towards Prague, which caused outrage among members. Not due to CU's rationale and well thought arguments, but due to his offensive language and silly inferences. Even the admin, who you seem to have persuaded that challenging policies of "your" president has no place in on-topic discussions, weighed in, fully off-topic, to challenge CU's arguments.

    I think CU's frustrations go beyond loss of property value due to a local sex shop. I also do not see any data proving that the loss of value of his property is due to this fact. What if it is due to fluctuations of real estate prices, wrong investment decision, bad development company, legal issues.

    I personally appreciated CU's comments and ideas, especially his earlier posts, before he got defensive and started to use stupid arguments. He is trying to convey an important message that there is too much exposure to sex in public places. I agree that this is bad, especially if children are around. I think communities should have the power to influence local authorities to drive these places out of their neighborhoods. I think communities do have this power today, they chose not to use it. Maybe CU and his wife can show/persuade others in their neighborhood to take active part in community self governance. If everyone keeps bitching without doing anything nothing will change.

  7. dzurisova

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    If you recall, I said "Complaints on both sides got extremely personal and hurt feelings. That's too bad." I wasn't defending CU's personal attacks or personal attacks toward CU from others. I was saying it was too bad that it happened and I hope no-one leaves the board over it. Also, this is one forum discussing wether or not someone should move to CR and CU gave his opinion of why or why not that should happen. My forum regarding "bush bashing" was about how SEVERAL post about one thing or another were OFTEN turning into Bush bashing. I was complaining that the entire board was loosing it's objective and turning into a soap-box to complain about the US. That is quite different than one forum talking about the pros and cons of moving to the CR.

    It could be. But if you recall I started my post by saying "Just to give my opinion, it looks as though CU is angry because...". That's how it appears to me from his comments.

    From CU's posts, I believe he tried this.

    And Dana commended him for it:

  8. BMoody

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    One does not need to be a parent to comment on such things. I fully intend to be a father someday and to raise them like my parents did for me. That would be with answering my questions in an adult manor, and to tell me what sex shops or brothels are... albeit in child talk when I was younger. "What is a sex shop?" "Well, when people are making babies, they like to have fun and be creative. How was your day at school?" Maybe that's not your style, but it worked for us.

    Las Vegas is not a bad city at all. The people who live here are often wholesome and good, but we simply choose to support our lifestyles with the tourism industry. This last election we voted to make funding education the first priority for our state legislature, and to ban smoking everywhere except for casinos. We also turned down a bill to pass marijuana smoking, and also voted against eminant domain. We are a progressive city towards your moral needs I believe. This area I live in has a large Mormon temple nearby as well as many small Christian churches of various denominations. You are making an uneducated judgement on my city, and I have lived here longer than you, so please do not comment further because you have to live here to know it.
    -See how illogical that is to say on my end too?

    As for not being able to change the area's zoning laws, well, that does suck. I would hate it if a shop came in and devalued my property. The local government not caring is frustrating and for that I send my sympathies.

    Yes I have met many Czechs here in Vegas. There is a large population of about 600 or so that meet up every Sunday in a nearby park. Very hospitable, very kind, and somewhat exclussive but that changes with time. Furthermore, your response to my comment that a "majority of Czechs (are) such a sweet people" is unfounded. You say that my comment is an "overgeneralization." Ok, sir, then that means that the over 50% of Czechs that need to be sweet to make a majority is too much. So, in essence, your comment implies that less than 50% or at most 50% are sweet. Good job. Can you see why we are frustrated with your comments in here? Also, it shows a lack of education? My goodness, I've lived 10 years in Europe and believe me, Germany isn't a saint when it comes to brothels or sex shops. I am educated on the matter.

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