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Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by semik2, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. semik2

    semik2 New Member

    Hi there,
    just got here 10 days ago and would like 2 get into any czech area around here,also looking for job and proper czech beer and food...
    Thanks guys 8)
  2. Krakonos

    Krakonos Member

    I would strongly recommend "Prague deli", which is in Toronto.
    Great food !!!!!!!! Here is the link:

    And then in Scarborough (east Toronto) there is another czech restaurant.

    There is something else in Mississauga. I think the place's called Woodhouse pub, I believe that's Slovak.

    You never know, they may hire you.
    Good luck
  3. semik2

    semik2 New Member

    Came back from Deli last nite and basically the only thing i got was the czech restaurant which I'm going 2 today.

    They offered me a job,but I'm 50 km away so... :shock:

    Do u want to meet if u live close by Mr.Krakonos ?!?
  4. Krakonos

    Krakonos Member

    Well I sugggest you move close by :D cuz it would be quite a drive for you...traffic is a NIGHTMARE here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. semik2

    semik2 New Member

    Yeah thanks a lot, spend half of my day on the road, the traffic is really

    great down there...

    Went to the Czech restaurant already hoping of finding the place

    fully loaded with people...didn't happen,so had a little chat with owner and

    waitress. Didn't find Czech draft beer,only bottled,but with a nice

    sortiment of Czech and Slovakian food,stuff was friendly and what I

    really liked in this restaurant that they have a very nice party

    terrace :roll: !

    Have u ever been there?!

    Do u know where Czechs usually meet around here ?! Like Canada,just

    don't want to forget where I came from,know what I mean...?!
  6. Krakonos

    Krakonos Member

    I will pm you.

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