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    Can someone please tell me what the best way to get a train ticket to go from Prague to Berlin is? A number of sites seem to list it but with all sorts of different prices, and I am curious as to what the best and cheapest way to obtain the ticket is.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Ktot Well-Known Member - site for Czech trains...says it takes about 4.5 hours, I don't know why it's not showing prices though, it usually does... - site for German trains. A quick search gives the price as 56,80 EUR. That is for one adult ticket, second-class, with no BahnCard (German discount card for trains).

    Both sites have options where you can change them to English.

    Reasons for the varied prices you're finding could be: based on the type of train, first or second class, adult or child or student, group tickets (if traveling with a group, on weekends you can sometimes get a cheaper ticket), one way or round trip, etc. Basically, check all the details for an explanation.
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    Thank you both for all your help!!

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