Train travel from Munich to Prague

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by Shan, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. Shan

    Shan New Member

    Hi there.

    We are looking to fly into Munich and would like to know if the best way to get to Prague is by train or do we fly over. We don't have a problem getting an over night train, and would like to know approximately the cost

    I hope that this is not too general a question?
  2. darian

    darian New Member

    I caught the train from Munich to Prague in June, and I'm pretty sure it cost about 50 euros one way. It's only about 6 hours, and pretty easy, no fuss. Despite what some people suggest, it's worth paying a few extra bob for the reservation if you want to sit together in the Czech leg of the trip.

    It may be possible to get the tickets cheaper in the Czech Republic, but that'd probably involve a local person sending them to you. Not that easy to co-ordinate.

    You can probably check this site for the time table, but it doesn't have a price list. There's at least a few a day. I've never experienced it myself, but everyone says pickpockets are rife on the night trains to Prague, so be cautious.

    BTW: Enter praha for the destination rather than prague, it's a czech website.

    Good luck, you'll love Munich and Prague.

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