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  1. Gunstling

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    I will be in Czech Republic in July for genealogical research as well as a bit of historical study.

    My plan is to spend about 5 days in Prague and surrounding areas, and then to go to Poland for the last leg of the trip. I'll be flying back to the US from Krakow.

    The point of the Poland trip is to visit various concentration camps where my family were during the war. Specifically, I plan on seeing Auschwitz and Majdanek camps.

    The problem is the travel part from Czech Republic to Poland. It seems to make sense to take a train, but the trip from Prague to Lublin is probably pretty long. With the finite amount of time I have, what's the best way to do this?

    Thanks very much for your help and please let me know if I've left out any necessary details.

    Thanks again.
  2. Alexx

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    Easiest way is to go directly to Krakow first - it is about 7-8 hours journey by train. There is allways an option going by plane - Czech Airlines (or or LOT, from Prague to Krakow or Warsaw.
  3. Gunstling

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    Thanks for the very quick response.

    Unfortunately LOT quotes over $600 for a one-way flight to Warsaw from Prague :shock: . It's still over $200 to go on CSA.

    I guess it makes sense to go via train to Krakow from Prague, but what about the Lublin/Majdanek part of the trip? Would it not make more sense to eat the 2 bills and fly to Warsaw, travel to Lublin, then take a train back to Krakow from where I'll fly home?

  4. Alexx

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    It is up to you :)
  5. Gunstling

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    Indeed. 8)

    I decided to book the flight. So it'll be a bit of a marathon travel day - flying from Prague to Warsaw, then a train to Lublin where I'll stay overnight and visit Majdanek either the day of arrival or the following day, then train to Krakow where I'll stay overnight and visit Auschwitz either that day or the next, then home. So I'll have essentially three full days in Poland - quite extraordinary considering I hadn't planned to make Poland part of the trip at all originally!

    I know you were in utter suspense waiting for me to give my itinerary. :twisted:

  6. Alexx

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    I should recomend renting a car in Krakow, it will spare you some time.

    However, Krakow itself is worth to visit, or close-by salt mines "Wieliczka", if you manage to spare some time.
  7. Gunstling

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    I'm sure I'll have some "down" time where I won't be at the camps or doing research - great suggestion! Thank you

    As far as nightlife goes - any spots/hangouts I should know about for people in the 25-35 range? I'll also be in loads of different spots in Czech Republic for the preceding 5 days, from the usual spots (Karlovy Vary, Plzen, Ceske Budejovice, Cesky Krumlov) to Terezin and Mlada Boleslav, and possibly Caslav, so it'd be nice to check out the hotspots.
  8. Gunstling

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    BTW, whom should I contact about booking train travel and how much lead time is appropriate?
  9. Alexx

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    There is no need to buy train ticket in advance, but for your peace in mind, you can buy them one day before the day of the travel, in the railway station.
  10. tonuhot

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    I do not know about Majdanek camps. But Some train from prague to Krakow goes through Auschwitz.

    Thats what i did, I went to OStrava and I took a train which was going to krakow, Auschwitz is half way so I saw it on the way to krakow.

    Saves a lot of time! And while in Auschwitz, i would recommend the guided tour for 30 Pl-Zl..You can do it by yourself but in my openion u would miss out many things..the tour is simply amazing with a short movie before the tour starts.

    Let the forum know how your trip went! good Lcuk.

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