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Discussion in 'Vocabulary & Translation Help' started by lawstudent, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. lawstudent

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    Is the mini phrase book on this site enough phrases for a brief visit? I would like to speak more but this is the first time I've attempted it. I'm afraid I will sound goofy but it is probably true that attempts are much more appreciated than nothing? I have a couple more phrases I would like to know:

    1) I don't hear well (would it be simpler to say that than to say I am hearing impaired?)

    2) Where is the hotel?

    3) Could someone give me the names of some common Czech dishes in both languages?

    Thanks! If somebody really can't understand my Czech, should I first attempt to communicate in French before going back to English? I don't speak French much better.
  2. hockeygirl_leafs07

    hockeygirl_leafs07 Active Member

    Uh..why would you try to speak to them in French first, after Czech?
  3. Halef

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    1) Špatně slyším (literally "I hear badly").
    If you wish to say "I am hearing impaired", it's "Jsem sluchově postižený (m.) / postižená (f.)". But this phrase is not very common.

    2) Kde je hotel? or Kde je tento hotel? if you refer to a particular one, i.e. when showing its namecard.

    3) I suggest you to visit the Food and Drink forum at this site, plus the Czech food site at MyCzechrepublic.

    French is not common in Czechia, so if your Czech fails, it would be best to try English or German, if you speak any.

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