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    Could somebody give me a better tranlation of the following "řížení čínnosti endokrinních žlaz" I though maybe "Control of the actions actions/mechanisms of the Endocrine Gland/s"? Basically, I don't know if the sentence means "the way the gland is controlled" or "what the gland controls". Oh grammer, where are you when I need you!

    Seems a bit clunky :)

  2. eso

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    control of function of endocrine glands (by who/what)
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    řízení činnosti endokrinních žláz = the control(ling) of endocrine glands function (I think function is common translation of činnost when speaking about organs.)

    The genitive object of verb řídit is typically used for the object of action. The originator of action is usually in instrumental.

    řízení činnosti ~ function is controlled ( by something)

    řízení činností (plural, genitive) ~ functions are controlled (by something)

    řízení činností (singular, instrumental) ~ something is controlled by function

    The last phrase is correct, but stylistically unusual. The common version uses the passive and more comprehensible word order - činnost je řízena funkcí / činnost řízená funkcí.

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