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    ja mam dva sourozence. Tak jako Ty. Ale oba jsou bratri Samuel 26, Petr 25. A
    musim rict, ze jsem hrozne rada, ze mam jen bratry a zadnou sestru. Se
    starsimi bratry jsem mela zivot v detstvi o neco lehci, protoze v problemech
    byli vzdycky pri mne. Doufam, ze i Ty mas super vztahy se svymi sourozenci.

    Doufam, ze uz setris penize na cestu do Cech!

    (18. prosince budu mit 20 let. )

    Zdravi Te skoro 20-tileta Sarka
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    Dear poster,
    Thank you for visiting Local Lingo and posting on our bulletin board. We are happy that you think of our site when you need help with the Czech language, and that you have received that help in the past. However, we feel that we should point out the true purpose of the Language forum. This forum is mostly aimed at discussing specific language related issues, comparing experiences with learning foreign languages, sharing language resources, and, occasionally, helping others translate a sentence or two, such as a saying, a quote, or an intriguing statement written in a dialect. These types of translations are usually fun and interesting for many visitors of the Language forum. On the other hand, translations of lengthy personal correspondence have never been the purpose of this section.
    We hope you understand and that you will keep coming back to use our language resources and to see what's new in the different areas of the site.
    Wishing you good luck with studying Czech!
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    Well, it had to happen sometime. I'm sorry that I've been using this forum as a translation service. The truth is, you guys are my only resource for translation. All the other (free) internet translators suck. Well, I do appreciate your website nonetheless. You have a very informative website, your visitors were kind enough to translate my letters, and you seem to care about people learning more about Czech language and culture. I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused your moderators or visitors. Sincerely, unregistered
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    Approximate translation:
    "I have got two sibings, as you have. But both are boys - Samuel is 26, Petr 25. And I must say I am really glad I have only brothers and no sisters. My childhood was easier with elder brothers, as they always helped me when I had some problems. I hope you also have wonderful relationship with your siblings.
    I hope you are already saving money for the trip to Bohemia!
    (I will turn 20 on Dec 18)
    Best wishes,
    Sarka (almost 20 years old)"
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    Thank you Jana! That was so cool of you. I mean, your translation of my letter was unexpected. Thanx a lot. I put the link to your website on my webpage cause you guys are so cool. Keep up the good work!

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