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Discussion in 'General Language' started by pancione, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. pancione

    pancione New Member

    hi everybody!

    i'm italian boy!
    i like robotics, yesterday i had see this syte :
    but i unknow your lenguage and i cant use this istruction!
    i have try to traslate but it is so difficult and elettronics traslator are insufficient!
    can you traslate this file for me?

    than you so mutch!

    i'm sorry for my bad english!


    salve a tutti

    sono un ragazzo italiano!
    mi piace molto la robotica, ieri ho visto questo sito:
    però non capisco la vostra lingua e non posso seguire le istruzioni!
    potreste tradurlo per me?
    ho provato a tradurlo ma è stato difficile e i traduttori elettronici non lo traducono bene!
    grazie tantissime!

  2. finn

    finn Active Member

    Ahoj všichni,
    jsem Ital a zajímám se o robotiku. Včera jsem narazil na stránku, ale nerozumím česky a nemůžu si přečíst instrukce. Zkoušel jsem si článek přeložit, ale je to příliš těžké a automatické překladače jsou nepoužitelné. Mohli byste (snad nejen) pro mne článek přeložit do angličtiny?

    Hello everybody,
    I'm Italian and I'm interested in robotics. Yesterday I found the article, but I don't understand Czech and I can't follow the instructions. I've tried to translate the article, but it's too difficult and automatic translators are useless. Could you translate the article (hopefully not only) for me to English?
  3. pancione

    pancione New Member

    intendevo quello che c'era dentro il link non fuori! :?
    comunque grazie lo stesso!
  4. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry for your disappointment, but that article is in technical Czech and it's really long. People here are willing to help, but you cannot expect that someone will spend several hours to translate difficult text for free.

    I suggest contact owner of the page and ask him for translation. After all - he understandt it best.
  5. finn

    finn Active Member

    Of course, it won't be a technical problem to translate the article to English and put the translation here, but: 1.) I don't know if I won't infringe the copyright and 2.) if the author translates the article and publishes it on his website - don't you think it will be useful for more than just one person?
  6. sněhulák

    sněhulák Member

    hi Pancione I am czech studen and I don´t englis verry vell to. thet I am sorry ... what part of this www size you can translate?

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