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  1. czechtrip06

    czechtrip06 New Member

    Hello All:

    This will be our frist trip to Czech Rep and we wanted to know if it would be advised to take a train or rent a car to go to Český Krumlov. Also, what 4 star hotels would be recommended in Old Town Praha?

    Thank you for any advice we receive.

    Kindest Regards

  2. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member


    I assume you'll be traveling from Prague. How much time are you going to set aside for Český Krumlov? A train ride takes 3.5 - 4.5 hours each way, a bus takes 3 hours (see Český Krumlov). If you're going for just a day, a car would be best as the trip probably takes less than two hours. I've never gone by car, always by train or bus, but I always spend one or two nights in Krumlov, so I'm in no rush. Also, in case you'd like to take side trips from Krumlov, you'll appreciate having a car.

    You can look up train and bus connections here.

  3. czechtrip06

    czechtrip06 New Member

    Hi There Dana

    Thank you so much for the advice and if I could ask you another question, we are not up to snuff on the czech language and I have been trying to teach myself some phrases, do you think this will suffice for Prague and Cesky Krumlov?

    What areas in the Prague area are not advised to go near at night

    Thanks again and cheers

  4. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Yes, you should be fine getting by with English (you may find this article interesting). Both Prague and Český Krumlov are very touristy places and people are used to dealing with foreigners there most of whom don't speak any Czech.

    The whole center of Prague (Old Town, Lesser Town, Prague Castle area) is safe and you don't need to take any special precautions. A woman can safely walk through the center of Prague alone at night. Just use common sense. There's more on this topic at Tips on Staying Safe in Prague.

    I hope you enjoy your trip!


    Just a note, please post different questions as separate topics in the future so that other people can find them easily. For instance people may not be interested in learning about train travel from Prague to Krumlov, but they may want to know about the safety in Prague, and they are not going to look for that topic in a thread called "Travel by Train to Český Krumlov". The same goes for hotel recommendations. More in the Posting Guidelines. Thank you!
  5. Amy Little

    Amy Little New Member

    Hi there,
    This is all a bit new to me so hope i am doing it right. Just had another question about the travel to Cesky Krumlov. I will be in prague at the end of January with some friends and we wanted to go to cesky krumlov for a couple of nights in between. Was just wondering if anyone could advise details on availability, do they run daily? and how many times a day? If anyone had any idea of how regulary the buses run it would be a great help, i have looked on the website provided in previous post but am having no luck.
    I look forward to you reply.
    Kind Regards
  6. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Hi Amy,

    According to, there seem to be four trains a day that run from Prague to Český Krumlov in January. They leave from the main train station at 9:23 a.m., 2:23 p.m., 4:23 p.m. and 7:23 p.m. The trip takes about four hours and you need to change trains in České Budějovice. A regular ticket costs 224 Kč. If two or more people buy a ticket together, they're eligible for a group discount (not valid in first class).

    There are two bus connections a day in January, either a direct trip where the bus leaves at 3:25 p.m. from the Roztyly station (metro line C) and arrives in Krumlov at 6:50 p.m. or a bus that leaves at 11:20 a.m. from the Florenc station (metro lines B and C), you need to change buses in Tábor, and you'll arrive in Krumlov at 3:15 p.m. The ticket costs about 150 Kč.

    Hope it helps,

  7. Aline

    Aline Member


    I'm going to Prague and Cesky Krumlov too.

    I'll arrive in Prague on december 8th and on the 11th I'll go to Cesky Krumlov, where I want to stay for two nights. I'm also thinking about using public transportation (train or bus) to go. The problem is on december 13th I have to be at Prague airport at 13h45. In the site, I could not find any trains or buses leaving in the morning from Cesky Krumlov to Prague. But I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong.

    Maybe it's better to rent a car, but I'm afraid to drive if it snows, cause I've never driven in such weather. I'm from Brazil, so I don't know much about driving in such condition. What do you think?

    Another thing. If I decide to go by car, is it easy to park in Cesky Krumlov? I'll need the car to know the places in the city?


  8. petri

    petri Well-Known Member

    Hi Aline,

    how´s this connection?

    13.12. ´Departing 5:31 Ceský Krumlov-Ceské Budejovice Departing 7:02-Prague arriving 9:39.
  9. Aline

    Aline Member

    It's early, but it works!
    Where did you find it?
  10. petri

    petri Well-Known Member

    pre-sets: 13.12. 5:00 o´clock CK-Prague. Oh, and it´s a train connection.
  11. Aline

    Aline Member

  12. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    There are more morning trains:

    Leaving Český Krumlov at 6:27, arriving in České Budějovice at 7:19
    Leaving České Budějovice at 8:30, arriving at Prague main station at 10:57

    Leaving Český Krumlov at 8:33, arriving in České Budějovice at 9:33
    Leaving České Budějovice at 10:02, arriving at Prague main station at 12:39

    What problems are you guys running into when using You need to enter the following:


    From: Cesky Krumlov
    To: Praha
    Date: 13.12.2005
    Time: enter the earliest time you're considering, e.g. 5:00
    Check "departure"
    Check "max. number of interchanges": 1 (there are no direct trains, you must change in České Budějovice)
    Click "Search"
    The next page will show you results. Use the "previous" and "next" arrows on the bottom right of the page to see earlier and later connections.


    You don't need a car once you get to Český Krumlov. You can and may have to park it in a parking lot just outside of the historical center. Or you can park it at your hotel/pension if they provide parking (many of them do). You can easily walk everywhere in the center. It's a small town.
  13. Aline

    Aline Member

    Thank you!

    I think I got the site.

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