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    I am travelling from Airport to Hotel Geo which I believe is fairly close to Centre of Prague. I am being offered travel to hotel for 23 Euro's per person. I am travelling with my wife and son. That would total 69 Euros from airport to my hotel and the same amount to travel back to airport. Am I being overcharged and if so can someone advise alternative transport. We are from England and I speak a little Polish - could I easily find alternative and cheaper transport? Will I have language problems or do lots of people speak English and is Polish similar to Czech. We are travelling on 27th August so would need advice fairly soon.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Many Thanks
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    Here's my two cents:
    Whenever I travel to any European capital (including Prague) I never take a taxi. I always rely on public transportation (buses, metro, trams).

    You could buy a weekly pass for each of your family members (you can buy this at the airport) and take the bus from the airport to Dejvická (a pleasant ride) and from there take the metro. I am not sure how far away from a metro station is your hotel, but in my case, I stayed at a hotel which is about 3 city blocks away from a metro station, so taking public transportation was convenient and inexpensive.

    Wishing you a wonderful stay in Prague.
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    ...seems high.
    My friend and I arranged transport (round trip) from the airport to the apartment we rented (through the same company) for 45 Euros total. Public transport is convenient and much less than that (but, sometimes it is nice to be pampered while on vacation). Polish and Czech are both Western Slavic languages and have many similarities but are quite different in many ways- it should help more than hinder, however. A great many people in Prague speak English to one degree or another but, I would suggest getting a pocket sized phrase book to help.
    Enjoy your trip!
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