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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by boulder, May 2, 2005.

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    I keep reading that travel by train within and leaving CR is cheapest to buy when we get there. My question, will we have any trouble getting on right away, like a Prague to Munich connection, or do they "book up" ahead of time? Prague is the most beautiful place I've ever been to, but this time I'm taking my kids and we're not going on a tour, so I'm testing new waters here .
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    as far as i know, you should have no problems buying the tickets right at the trainstation when you need it. i do not think that prg-munich is too crowded track.

    you can get the tickets in advance indeed, at the trainstation or via some agency.

    actually, here: (there is an english version) you can find an online schedule, input "Praha" and "Mnichov [*D]"
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    Thanks Crossczech....know any good hostels in Prague? How about travel around to outside areas? Recommendations?
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    unfortunately, i cannot help you on this, hostels are not my cup of tea

    well i am not sure if i got it right. travelling to other places should not be a problem using public transportation; czech rep. has quite a developped network of bus and train transport, which more or less follows the schedule (actually, you can plan your trips using that online schedule i mentioned).

    i cannot say what kind of transport i'd recommend, it depends on particular location. since you mentioned travelling with kids, be aware czech railways offer discounted tickets for families / small groups; however i do not remember the details, you will have to check for yourself.
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