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    I am returning to travelling to Ceský Krumlov next week and was thinking of changing my route.
    Normally we can get the bus from Florenc at 14.20 ( there isn’t an earlier departure that would suit our arrival time) arriving in Ceský Krumlov at 17.40. But this time we could get the train from Hlavni Nadrazi to České Budějovice, leaving at 12.14 arriving at 14.56. Our plane arrives from Dublin at 10.25 so I should make nadrazi on time and I am familiar with the layout of the station as I travelled a few months ago to Brno.
    According to the Idos timetable the bus leaves České Budějovice at 15.35 for Krumlov. It is a relatively short journey and this way we would get to Krumlov at least an hour earlier!
    Having said all this, does anybody foresee any potential problems? Anyone done it before? I’m a little confused with the Idos timetable and cannot recognise the platforms the bus leaves from. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Check you journey on idos for Aiport-railway station as well, as direct bus (Airport Express) is going only twice an hour, and undirect route (bus 119 to Dejvicka, then to Muzeum (metro A to C change) and then to Hl.n. with luggage can be painful.

    Number of platforms often tend to be reduced in recent years, for example old era bus station in Karvina used to have some 20 platforms, now 9, in Ostrava as well, some horrible 30 and now, after complete reconstruction, about 10 as well.

    I have never changed in České Budějovice from train to bus, so I have no idea how does it look like there.

    One tip for you - should miss the train in Prague because of queue for buying tickets - skip buying and buy on board, when the train starts moving contact attendant and tell him, he will sell you tickets with some 30 CZK (1€) extra - however better option then to have to wait for another train. You must find him, if he finds you ticketless, you should pay a fine.

    Should you want to travel first class, there is special ticket office for 1st Class and Supercity trains, in ther upper floor, where there usually is no queue. 1st class tickets are 50% extra comparing to 2nd class, sometimes pay off when 2nd is crowded. You can pay for upgrade direcly in the train if needed. Seat reservation (regardles of class) is 70 CZK (2,5€).

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