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    Hi everyone,

    I have a plan to go to a music festival at Macha Lake in Doksy in August. Our flight arrives at 20.10 and I was thinking of either renting a car, getting a taxi, or using a train. I have gotten a quote of about €72 for a taxi. I think if we rent a car, we might get lost? And same goes for public transport...I am having trouble figuring out the IDOS website. There does seem to be a train going to Mladá Boleslav at 21.20, but how would we get from here to Doksy? Hoping to stay at Hotel Port in Dosky.

    Any help much appreciated, I'm having trouble finding out info.

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    You don't give the day of week you come.
    There is probably no chance to get there by public transport in the evening. The bus at 21:20 (not on Saturdays or Sundays) leaves from another side of Prague. The easiest way is to get there is by taxi or by a car. You can find route on giving "K letišti, Praha" and "Doksy, Česká Lípa" as the starting and finishing points.
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    Thanks for the reply, I think I might rent a car or get that taxi, saves being lost in the dark. We are arriving on a Thursday and leaving on a Sunday.

    Has anyone heard of the Lake Festival at Mácha Lake in August?
  4. Karel_lerak

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    I suppose you don't mean Mezinárodní jazzové dny v Dubé, 08.08.2008 - 09.08.2008, which is not directly at Mácha Lake, but somewhere between Doksy and Dubá.

    MÁCHÁČ 2008, Friday 22.08.2008, pláž Klůček, Doksy

    There is a theoretical possibility to get to Doksy by a train on August 22nd (the night from Thursday):
    Praha hl.n. (main station) 0:22
    Všetaty arr. 1:11 dep 4:24
    Mladá Boleslav arr. 5:08 dep. 5:12
    Doksy arr. 5:59
    111 km, 141 CZK

    on Friday 22th direct bus:
    Praha,,Nádraží Holešovice dep. 6:50
    Doksy arr. 8:30
    72 km, fare about 90 CZK

    later on Friday 22th by bus and train
    Praha,,Černý Most dep. 7:30
    Mladá Boleslav (bus term.) arr. 8:15
    5 min walk to train station
    Mladá Boleslav město (main station) 8:23
    Mladá Boleslav hl.n. (main station) arr. 8:29, dep. 8:40
    Doksy arr. 9:18
    94 km, 104 CZK

    On IDOS from Praha to Doksy [CL]
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    Ok so this might be an option too, thanks so much for looking up times, I will now just have to decide what way to go about it.

    Yes thats the festival! Its also hard to find out info about this, mainly if there would be buses travelling to it(usually in Ireland for festivals they have buses running especially to the venue)
  6. Karel_lerak

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    I don't think so, under "Doprava" (Travel) you find only a local map. The bigger surrounding of Doksy is here
  7. donal

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    I just see that you are going to Doksy in August. I have never been there but I hear it is quite beautiful up there beside the lake and that the lake has a sandy beach.

    Anyhow my girlfriend is in Mladá Boleslav (near Doksy) at the moment....AND the watersupply is unfit for anything....It has been that way for at least 3-4 weeks. No drinking water, no washing, no showers, no nothing....Not exactly the best for a holiday.

    Check it out first....It is lovely and cheap up there, but with out any washing facilities cant be very nice.....(just some advice if it helps)

    Take care

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