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  1. JayBee

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    Hi people!

    I want to do north bohemia in four days. Please suggest some itenarary if u have already done the route.

    I am driving around and want to know the following:

    Must I go to Prague......(I have been there b4)?
    I would like to drive from place to place in the early morning and spend the rest of the day and night in a new town.
    How r the hotels facilities ?
    Names of some towns that r a must see.....

    Thanks for ur help[/b]
  2. Paint

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    I went to the Czech Republic last year for 9 days... spent 5 days in Prague and the rest in other places of Northern Bohemia. I think I preferred the countryside and smaller towns. One of my favorite stops was Trosky (ruins) but we made several other stops that I well enjoyed. You're driving as opposed to busses/trains? That's what I did... travel by car... you can get a good roadmap from the department of tourism office.

    I'll post the towns and places I visited soon - I can't spell them offhand now. I circled the places I visited on my roadmap, which is in my room but I'm not at home (gotta love Wireless Internet...).

    What kinds of places do you wish to see?
  3. JayBee

    JayBee Active Member


    I like almost anything but they should not be repetative. Castles and chatues, their furniture and pictures of their owners can be sad. But a good ruin, river, fields, mountains also local craft factories etc draw my attention. I like to see people creating...........

    Does that sound gibberish to u? Can u help? Hotel recomendations will be very welcome. I prefer 3* hotels if available. Also what todo after dinner....The whole country falls asleep at 8pm...........

  4. Paint

    Paint Well-Known Member

    Hi Jaybee...

    I sent you a PM detailing some of the places I visited. One of my favorite stops was Hřensko... another was Trosky. So check your messages :) I will try to post more info later too if you are interested.
  5. Sova

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    If you're the outdoors type (hiking/biking/etc.), try Cesky Raj (see site is in Czech, but there are lots of wonderful pictures to browse). There are lots of castles in the area as well, as beautiful rock formations, small canyons, etc.

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