Trying to learn basic Czech need translation help

Discussion in 'Vocabulary & Translation Help' started by strider, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. strider

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    Cau Dane, doufam, ze se mas dobre... Zacal jsi pracovat a to je dobre :)
    Super je, ze se ucis zaklady cestiny... Myslim, ze se to naucis rychle... Tvoje prace musi byt zajimava... Zatim se mej skvele a Buh ti zehnej...

    I visited Brno a few weeks ago and made some friends I am attempting to learn the language. I recognise Cau Dane as a greeting and Dobre as good. The rest I need help with...I would like to learn the language which is why I found this site. Any guidance will be appreciated. Thanks
  2. uuspoiss

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    I'm not a native speaker, but here's how I understand it:

    Hi Dan, I hope that you are doing good. It's good that you started working and great that you are learning the basics of Czech. I think you will learn it quickly. Your work must be interesting. Meanwhile take care and God bless you.

  3. strider

    strider New Member

    Wow, Your czech is pretty good. That matches a previous conversation we were having in English. Where did you learn Czech? Is Doufam I hope? Any ways thanx for the reply uuspoiss.
  4. Ir

    Ir Well-Known Member

    Hi Strider,

    I'm learning Czech too - good luck with it. Make sure you have a good dictionary, one or two good books and if you can get help (or classes!) from a native speaker all the better.

    There is a good thread about textbooks here: ... .php?t=533

    I used Teach Yourself Czech (first couple of chapters) to get my pronunciation going and now I'm using Czech Step-by-Step.

    Doufám does mean I hope, btw - from the verb doufat - to hope

    Hodně štěstí!
  5. uuspoiss

    uuspoiss Well-Known Member

    You're welcome. I haven't really learned Czech yet, still trying to get acquainted with it:) I'll take my first attempt at learning this summer.

    Doufám is the first person singular from doufat - to hope. See here for some basic information about verb conjugations in Czech. Good luck!


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