Two quick translations. One in each language!

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  1. GeneralTao

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    Two quick ones for you guys. Thanks so much!

    What does this mean as a sign-off on a letter? "Moc pus posila" From what I know or have learnt, I only understand it as "lots mouth..." something. And I thought mouth was "pusa". So does that make "pus" slang for kiss?

    The next is from english to Czech. I know how to welcome somebody, but how do you welcome them BACK? "Vítam vás v Ottawě" is welcome to Ottawa, but how would I say "welcome back" as we normally say in english?

    Thanks to the kind soul who helps!
  2. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

    Yes, "pusa" means "kiss" (rather colloguial but no slang).
    "mnoho pus" = "a lot of kisses"
    "posílá" = "sends"

    You can say it in the same way. Czech equivalent of "back" is "zpět".

    Vítám vás zpět v Ottawě (or Otavě since Otava is Czech name of Ottawa).
  3. mbm

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    = "Many kisses from". Moc = many, pus is the genitiv plural of pusa which as you've guessed means mouth but also by extension a kiss, and posílá means "sends", the third-person singular present of posílat, to send.

    I suggest "tak vás tady zase vítám", literally "so I welcome you here again", this is a fairly established phrase. You could also go for the literal translation, "vítám vás zpátky" (or "vítám vás zpět"), but that sounds a little unnatural, too much like an anglicism.
  4. mbm

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    I apologize for double-crossing on my predecessor. There is of course nothing wrong about "vítám vás zpět", I just feel that the other option flows more naturally - that's all.
  5. GeneralTao

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    Wow, thanks for the speedy and thorough response, guys! One more point of clarification...if I know this person well, would I not use "tě" rather than "vas"? Is that how you address someone closer/more familiar to you?

    Once again, thanks. I greatly appreciate the help!
  6. mbm

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    Yes, you would: "tak tě tady zase vítám" or "vítám tě zpátky".

    The formal/informal difference is actually more complicated than that but since she's sending you kisses, I think it's time to go informal ;-)
  7. GeneralTao

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    Haha, good point :). Thanks a lot for your help!

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