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    I'm travelling to the CR over the Christmas holidays (the 22nd through the night of the 1st of January)...

    but have yet to find a place in Praha the night of the 30th, 31st and January 1st.

    Someone told me that the dorm rooms were "rented" out fairly cheaply there. Does anyone have a contact or know who I could make an inquiry with...I'm willing to pay $50-75 per night even, but I would like to have some idea where I will be staying before I get there, because it is the holiday season, and that makes me a LITTLE nervous.

    I've gone on trips before without figuring all this out and it worked out fine in the end, but it's a difficult time of the year around New Year's in Europe.
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    You can try here:


    BTW: not many dorms are open for private accomadion during Xmas time since students can live there in that period but some have always a few rooms free for tourists/guests.

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