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Discussion in 'Movies, Music & Media' started by Samster, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. Samster

    Samster New Member

    I'm looking for this particular movies... don't remember the title because it was broadcast in Vietnam when I was very little...

    It was about a girl from out of space, her name is Maika... it tells about the adventure she has with these boys in town whom she be came friends with. She can fly and can make strange things happens. her eyes lid up like a robot; When she recharge her energy then there was a lot of wind. The movie was in black and white.

    Another one was the story this teacher walking in the park with his date. This one night, they walk up to this shining little rock. Then as they walk closer, the rock grew bigger and it ended up sucking the teacher inside the rock. For a short little while, he was in this little magical world where he was able to gather a lot of different flower seeds. After a while, the rock throw him back out. The stories revolved around these little seeds of flowers that later he discover that it can make you fly, be more intelegent...

    I would love to know the real title of these movie if anyone out there is able to help. thanks so much.

  2. Jana

    Jana Well-Known Member

    Actually, none of these are movies, but TV series; the first one was Slovak and its title is "Spadla z oblakov" (She fell down from the skies), the second one is "Létající Čestmír" (Flying Čestmír).
  3. Samster

    Samster New Member

    Thanks so much to a quick reply. I would like to get these added to the collection the my local library. any idea where I can find this series or even its book? Please feel free to email me directly at samster@boafans.com Thank you.
  4. CzechMovieFan

    CzechMovieFan New Member

    Hi there, I have also been looking for this information. I was mesmerized by this TV series when I was a kid in Vietnam. I would love to buy it for my nieces. Do you know how can I purchase it in the US?
  5. Karel Fous

    Karel Fous Well-Known Member

    To Samster: I am affraid no book was published on base of this TV serials. This custom came to Czechoslaovakia / Czechia from west (US?) and now it is make.
    Try contact http://www.czech-tv.cz/.
  6. holger

    holger Active Member


    there is a book published but before the series. It is by Vaclav Pavel Borovicka and called "Spadla z nebe" or "Spadla z oblakov". Its in czech

    There is also a book in German about the series "Letajici Cestmir" (The flying ferdinand).

    One question: were these TWO broadcasted in Viet Nam? Or only Majka.
  7. AMVAS

    AMVAS New Member

    I got this movie in .RM format. But its quality of course is far from ideal due to large compression (220 Mb) 8(

    Last time I saw it it was year 1990 and now I was glad to see it again, although I became much older since that year 8)

  8. AMVAS

    AMVAS New Member

    Now I got it in German variant... Some episodes are cut off :cry: but picture is much better than in RM format :D
    So, I'm searching it in Russian...
  9. net2sonic

    net2sonic New Member

    I love those films too, It's all my childhood....(i'm vietnamese too!hehehe)
    I've also downloading those film but hard to find complete sources....hix
  10. AMVAS

    AMVAS New Member

    Old Czechoslovensko movies are very hard to find. In Moscow I failed to do this using common trade network. Need to try unusual methods :(
  11. mravenec

    mravenec Well-Known Member

    I've been looking for a Czech film for almost a decade now. I don't now the title!!! I watched it sometime in the late/mid-1990s and i'm unable to find out what it film it was.

    It's about a (as far as i can remember) desolate, gloomy small community or small village somewhere in Bohemia in the 1980s. I can remember that an important issue was the effort put into trying to repair a hopelessly derelict church (after years of communist 'neglect'). At some point in the film, even the hopelessly outdated and knocked-about Škoda gives up (A beautiful scene!).

    Well, I'd love to see it again! So if anyone has an idea what film this might be, please tell me the name. I must see it again!
  12. Jana

    Jana Well-Known Member

    I guess it is "Zapomenuté světlo" (Forgotten Light, 1996), director Vladimír Michálek, cast Bolek Polívka, Veronika Žilková, Jiří Pecha and others. The film was nominated for Academy Awards and received the Award of the Audience.
  13. AMVAS

    AMVAS New Member

    Maybe it's early to say anything. But I already has Slovak version of "Spadla z oblakov" (in bad quality) and its German variant in more or less suitable quality.
    Just now have talks about Slovak variant of this serial of better quality...

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