vidět or vědět?

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  1. can someone please tell me which one i should use? im soo confused! i was trying to tell someone that i need to know my family...and i said "potřebuju vědět moje rodina" i know like a bunch of that is probably wrong but she said it should be vidět...i thought vědět was to know and vidět was to see? am i wrong? can someone please clear this up for me! thanks! o and if someone would tell me how to say that sentence correctly that would be great! thanks!!

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    Here it goes...

    'i need to know my family' means 'potřebuju znát mou rodinu'
    'i need to get to know my family' is 'potřebuju poznat mou rodinu'

    'i need to see my family' says 'potřebuju vidět mou rodinu'

    So YOU were right :arrow: to know - znát, vědět; to see - vidět

    How to say the sentence is also a matter of context, i.e. what exactly you want to say\ express (mind the difference between 'to know\ znát, vědět' - to know a lot about it, including family members, and 'to get to know\ poznat' - to meet the family, find out stuff about it).

    'potřebuju vědět moje rodina' is incorrect - you need to use the verb 'znát' here

    hope it helps at least a little bit :wink:
  3. Bohaemus

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    Little correction:

    Potřebuji znát svou (or svoji) rodinu.

    The reflexive svůj, svoje is necessary in this case.
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    Hi Hayley,

    you may be wondering why 'svůj' (svuj), in the appropriate case and gender, not 'můj' (muj). This kind of "possessive adjective" is used when there is correspondce in person with the subject:

    I saw my brother. -> Videl jsem sveho bratra.
    She saw her. -> Videla sveho bratra.

    as opposed to:

    I saw her brother. -> Videl jsem jejiho bratra.

    By the way, there aren't really the nominative forms for this one. It should be obvious why not.

  5. thanks for all the replies! ok well what i mean is like i want to find out information on the family i will be staying with in the czech republic...i want to know my i was wondering how to say that. im kind of confused about the whole svou thing...i dont even know ok well thanks so much!


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