video about czech police

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    I guess it's from the Czechtech party - the techno party. Police says that had to action because the party was illegal.
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    Yes, this is a controversial action. :evil:

    It’s a police crackdown against CzechTek 2005.

    The festival was semilegal. The organizers (well, organizers, in fact the festival was spontaneous) rented a piece of land for it, but the tekno fans occupied even the surrounding area. Also a breaking of hygienic and noise standards were disputed.

    The police action is also problematic. The Prime Minister Paroubek exhorted the police to a strict action before it started and the police acted…

    The police closed access paths to the area, arguing that the area can hold such enormous number of people and that the festival is illegal (the police also deceptively stated the area isn’t rented).

    The organizers refused to stop the festival arguing the area is duly rented and that all problems (occupation of unrented areas, lack of toilets etc.) are results of police roadblock.

    That all resulted into a cruel dispersal.

    The action was immediately politized. The socialistic government advocated the strict enforcement of law, the opposition critized an excessive police brutality. The scandal was kicked arround for months, but it subsided in the end. But it was possibly the beginning of splitting of the Czech society into two equally-sized irreconcilable political blocs (hence last election deadlock).
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    Right, right :(

    Thank God we have a new government and I wish they better use a little common sense than cudgels.
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    Thank God we have a government :twisted: (although…).
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    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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    :lol: :lol:
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    You didn't guess but you're sure because the boy who was attacted by police named Ajik ! :) :)

    Nejsou jeste VB ?
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    VB and SNB was abolished in 1991.

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