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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by cechofil, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. cechofil

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    Ahoj all,
    I was just wondering if anyone in the board has had some experience with having a visa to visit the U.S. denied? This just happened to my Czech boyfriend during his interview this week. They even revoked his (still valid) visa while they were at it. How common is this in C.R.? They said they had no proof that he would return to C.R. Why would they think that he would not return when he has a young son living in C.R.? It's complicated but I can't live in C.R. and he is trapped there now. He doesn't even know if he will get one next year when he is eligible to apply again. I think we are doomed. :cry: Thanks to anyone that has some knowledge about this.
  2. rhenium3

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    Well, I would recommend you going to the interview with him. Usually if someone has an american boyfriend/girlfriend they wouldn't have a problem. At least that is what I thought...
  3. cechofil

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    Thanks rhenium3. But, I think it is too late for that now. They said that he could reapply a year from now. I don't know if there is any other recourse at this point. Oh well. I want to say this site has been so helpful and informative to me over the months but I don't think I will return for a while as it is too painful now. Thanks to all of the great people in this board that have lent an ear and given their time for furthering the understanding of the Czech people and their great culture. Bye for now..
  4. uuspoiss

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    A U.S. embassy person tried to explain this thing in the Estonian media some time ago. He said that the immigration law requires that people are always to be assumed to want to emigrate, whatever their actual stated purpose for the trip. So if there is not enough arguments to prove otherwise (eg. family staying behind, real estate ownership etc), then the visa application is denied. If this is really the case, I just wonder what happened to the good old presumption of innocence...

  5. Usal

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    There never really has been a presumption of innocence in the US. It is a myth.
  6. Iojana

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    Going with him to the interview as his US girlfriend will give the authorities a reason to pressume him a potential immigrant so DONT do that! Not a good idea.
  7. Sova

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    The presumption of innocence definitely does not apply to visa applications. A couple of things that may help for the next application. If your boyfriend's son is still a minor, and he is primarily responsible for his care/support, have him bring a copy of his son's birth certificate with him and any other paperwork you can think of to prove that the son both lives with him and relies on him for support. Second, if he has any assets or a job in the C.R., bring documents! Official documents speak much louder to immigration officers than anything else. Of course, sometimes you just happen upon an officer who got up on the wrong side of the bed, and then it doesn't matter what you do. Those people have an awful lot of discretionary power in determining the outcomes of visa applications!

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