Visiting czech republic in late june/early july.

Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by clemlo99, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. clemlo99

    clemlo99 New Member


    I will be traveling to czech republic and am looking for friendly czechs to give me advice, perhaps even meet me when im out there and show me how to order drinks!

    im 26, male, from chicago (just in case that matters). I love people from all walks of life and like to have fun!
  2. nuwan

    nuwan Member

    cool, its a nice place to visit :)
    just not to live (unless you are rich)

    so whats your plans in cz?
  3. clemlo99

    clemlo99 New Member


    i dont have huge plans while im in prague. I was supposed to visit with my boyfriend but we broke up so im doing a lot of traveling around europe solo. I guess my main goal is just to enjoy the architecture and culture during the day, and party during the night. I want to explore prague castle and charles bridge, rent a row boat at dusk on the vltava...I dont know.

    What do you recommend?
  4. jeanie4577

    jeanie4577 New Member

    hi :D
    all the things you mentioned are great to go see, depends how long will you stay, coz Prague has stuff to offer to keep you busy for at least a month :p in cae you need a guide or a companion, give me an email and we wil see ;)
    I'm 24 Czech girl, gay as well, if that matters, open for chats, frinedship, walking and sightseeing together, tkaing you to places the locals only know. Not interested in hookers etc stuff. Looking fwd to hearing from you :)

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