walking/cycling routes-any suggestions welcome.

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    Hello everyone, A friend & I will be visiting prague shortly, and as well as seeing the city, would like to walk/cycle in the countryside close by. Are there any good maps or books with routes that people know of & can recommend?
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    THIS may help for starters.
    Also there is other information on the boards if you use the search function.

    Hope this helps to start.
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    thanks for the suggestions which I will follow up.
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    I have a few for you:
    If you decide to go I would suggest that you have written down names of the places you are trying to get to to show somebody you ask for direction. Names of these places are difficult to pronounce. ALSO to have complete freedom to travel without worry that you don't have a right ticket (and to save money) always have public transportation ticket covering total lenght of your stay.

    1. STROMOVKA - well known large park in North part of the Prague. On East side of the park are Exhibition with Krizik Fountain, hokey stadion Sparta and sometimes fairs. You will get there by tram 5, 12 or 17 from Metro Nadrazi Holesovice or from Metro Malostranska or from Metro Namesti Republiky. Park is large and there is also Planetarium.

    VYSEHRAD - Metro stop Vysehrad, It is National treasure site. Probably not whole day outing, but worth visiting. Coming from downtown, exit Metro and walk across the park (usually you just have to follow where other people go or ask "Vysehrad???" and they will point you in right direction. It takes about 15 min. to get to Vysehrad area.. There are beautiful views of Prague from both sides of the hill, very interesting huge statues and most of all Cemetery Slavin where most of the Czech famous people are burried. Definitely must for anyone who is interested in Czech composers, writers,actors etc.

    VITKOV is hill in the Prague between Zizkov and Karlin (east of Florence). On top of the hill is the (I think) biggest statue of the horse (with Jan Zizka sitting on it). Behind the horse is mausoleum where deceased Presidents of Communist Czechoslovakia were placed. You get there from Metro Florenc by bus 133 or 207 or from Metro Palmovka by tram 1 or 5 or 19. Park on the hill too.

    ZOO and BOTANICAL GARDEN IN TROJA - from Metro Nadrazi Holesovice take bus 112. Botanical garden is huge forested park on North side of the Prague on the hill between river Vltava and area Bohnice. Besides park there are actual Botanical garden grounds. There are tourists markings on the trees. Up the hill you can take a bus 102 or 144 or 201 or 236 or 276 and they will also take you back to Nadrazi Holesovice. Get off where buses are turning into street Lodzska.

    SARKA - tram 2 or 26 to end of the line in Liboc. From there walk by the water and pond (Dzban), over Divci Skok, Certuv Mlyn, Zelivka to Ticha Sarka. From street Horomericka take bus 161 or 254 to Vitezne namesti. OR if you are not ready to give up yet continue walking over Jeneralka, Dubovy Mlyn to Horni and Dolni Sarka (viz following outing)

    ZA BABOU - bus 107, 116, 147 or 160 from Vitezne namesti and get off second stop. Walk through streets Patanka, Pod Patankou and walk to stone structure which used to be a small castle named Baba. There is lovely view of river Vltava and other side of the river. You can continue walking down the hill to Dolni and Horni Sarka (Lower and Upper Sarka).

    All day outing out of Prague:
    PRUHONICKY PARK - Fantastic in the Spring (May) when Azaleas and Rhododendrons are in the bloom, but very nice at any time of the year. You will still use your Prague public transport ticket. From Metro Opatov take bus 227. Beautiful park, with small river/pond Botic and some lovely little lakes. There is also castle through which you will enter park. Castle is occupied by Botanical Research Institute and is not open to public.

    KARLSTEJN CASTLE - Well known pupular castle. You will get there taking train from Smichovske nadrazi.

    I hope that you enjoy your stay and make sure that you see as much of the Prague city as possible.
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    Many thanks Magan for your help.

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