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Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by Julia_foxx, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. Julia_foxx

    Julia_foxx New Member

    my name's Julia, i'm an Italian girl of 18.
    i love cz soooo much and would like to contact anyone who shares this love with me.

    a big hug

    j 8)
  2. jane

    jane New Member

    Hi: My name is Jane. In the last 2 years I have wisited Prague 9 times. I guess that you could say that I love CZ soooooo much too!!! It captures a piece of your soul and no where in the world can compare to the romance and mystery the CR has to offer . I live in Canada, and my heart is totally in Prague everyday !!!
  3. Luigicek

    Luigicek New Member

    Ciao Giulia,

    I am Italian but I live in Prague.
    If you wish we can be in touch.

  4. jane

    jane New Member

    Hi Julia:

    It is nice to meet an english speaking person that lives in Praha.I almost moved there myself. I got a job in an english pre-school, and was going to start over from what I did in Canada. I was hoping that I would eventually be able to break into the music world in Prague, and even teach or perform, but all the friends that I made were totally Czech and our communication was slow. I had a dictionary (slovnik) and we would laugh and talk very primitively. Everyone thought that I could be very successful there and so did I however here I am back in Canada. I have a great job here and life is gooood. My heart goes to Praha everyday as I always check the weather, read the Prague Post, and wonder what all my friends are up to. The life there is so carefree. They live for the day and don't care about tomarrow. I have learned a huge life lesson from this and try to have more fun in my life. I know how to speak czech enough to get by, but would need alot more exposure to be fluent. It really helped me to stay with non english friends and learn first hand how to speak. It really is the best way. There are so many stories that I can tell of my adventures in CR. If anyone reading this wants the time of their life, go to Prague and mingle with the people!!! They are so open and kind. I really loved it there!!!!! Thanks !!!! Jane
  5. keiron

    keiron Member

    You make it sound like its an absolute necessity to speak some czech there :-S How would someone who only knows a few words of czech get on :-S
  6. jane

    jane New Member

    Hi there: When I visited Praha the first time, I was there with my Czech friend. She would translate everything for me and for the others. If she was not with me the first time I don't think that I would have been able to communicate with anyone. The english language is not part of life there although in the tourst areas there are more ennglish people. My friend took me to the local scene because she had family living there. No english. If I wanted to converse I had to learn quick their language. I was in their territory and when they saw that I did make the effort, they were so impressed and happy to be my friends. Jane
  7. taskon13

    taskon13 New Member

    Hi, I am Tasos from Greece and I love cz too. I have visited and other europian cities but nowhere is like Praha. I have been there only 2 times and it was great.
  8. leuke_23

    leuke_23 Member

    hi Julia!!

    i read that you realy love the czech republic and ik can share that feeling with you. i have been there all over the country. i am now 25 years old and my friends they all go to spain and countrys like that but i dont want to because i am so deeply in love with the czech republic that i will be there many more times. i am just one month back now in holland but in december i will be in praque again because between christmas and new year the whole city is coverd by little lights and the feeling you wil get in the winter over there is realy great! now i have meet a great czech girl and i realy want to go back soon, but i have to learn a littel of the language first so thats also why i am here on this site. now you know that i realy love czech and its nice people and food. i hope i will speak to you again sometime

    greetings Martin from holland
  9. bf33

    bf33 New Member


    I have a different dilema!! I am 24years old and was born and raised in Australia. Both of my parents are Czech and migrated to Australia in 1969.
    They failed to teach me czech though and now I am desperately trying to learn the language so I can go back there one day! I visited Prague when
    I was 12 years old and also fell in love with the beautiful city (mesto ?!!)
    Does anyone online have a czech book with english translation/with pictures they no longer need?

  10. Orange_Band

    Orange_Band New Member

    Sorry, just going to correct bf33's horrible sentence: Ja mluvite trochcu...

    To translate that to English would be something like: "I, you speak a tiny bit Czech." (trochcu and the rest of the sentence is spelled wrong). The correct sentence would be spelled: Mluvim trosku cesky, or Ja mluvim trosku cesky. Of course this is without hooks and marks - bez hackem a carky.
  11. orange_band... before you start correcting others....

    it's "bez háčků a čárek"... not "bez hackem a carky...."
  12. Rebekah

    Rebekah Member

    I just joined this site so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right?! I just got back from Brno and I loved it SO much. I really plan to go back there within the next few years. The only problem is I don't speak Czech so I would like to find someone who would be interested in helping me learn and in return I could help you learn English?? Anyone intersted PLEASE email me at bootylicious_playgurl@hotmail.com thank you so much,
  13. barboraCZ

    barboraCZ New Member

    I don't think so. A lot of Czech people know English (including me). Especially young people and people in Prague. The problem of many of them is that they don't feel confident while speaking in English. They lack practise. My advise, just be patient to repeat what you say several times:)
  14. Rebekah

    Rebekah Member

    I'm not saying it's essential to know Czech it's just better if you do. I met a guy there and he knew english but when my friend told him to speak english he didn't have much cofidence and kept saying "my eglish it's good". I think people should be proud and loud about what they know! I really don't want to start an argument I'm just saying my point of view!
  15. Karel

    Karel Well-Known Member

    That`s just it. What you call confidence, other people call arrogance, and what you call proud and loud, others call boastful.

    The big ego people I`ve met, full of this feigned confidence, wishful thinking, assumed knowledge, were nothing but amateurs lacking the basics of whatever they claimed to know. Most of them, to be precise. True, they APPEARED to be in the know, but....

    The reason Czechs don`t boast about their abilities is that they are fully aware of other people galore who know or can do it better. If you think that you are the best (probably because you are from the West), then so be it, but bear in mind that your point of view is marked in Canada and it may not apply everywhere. (In actual fact, it doesn`t)


    PS Don`t go getting delusions of grandeur.

    PS1 Push your ingenious ideas across. There`s nothing wrong (in the West) with disagreeing or perhaps arguing, unless it turns into personal slurs. Many have said it proved helpful.
  16. keiron

    keiron Member

    The old saying "when in rome do as the romans" applies here, its the czech republic so we should speak czech there but to be quite honest the language is so difficult to learn :-S or maybe im just plain dumb :-S
  17. Rebekah

    Rebekah Member

    Ok listen,
    I'm not saying i'm the best. I live in Canada and personally I think it sucks next to the Czech Republic. I want to learn Czech and go back there ASAP. So i'm with the Czech people ... I am Czech i just wasn't raised there! I don't say i'm Canadian! I'm not conceited about us either! I didn't try talking to Czech people because I only speak english but I am trying hard to learn the Czech language because i love it there! OK.
  18. zaner

    zaner Active Member

    Hi Julia,
    I share your love of Praha. I am so pleased to read all of these replies. I was starting to wonder if my obsession is unique, but I guess it isn't. I was there for the first time in May, 2004. I spent one week by myself. Ja moc nemluvim cesky. However, in the touristy part of Prague it didn't seem to matter. I am half Czech, and the first person in my family who has ever returned to Bohemia. I had the most mystical, wonderful time of my life. Now I can not get it out of my head. If if were at all possible, I would go there to live. I am investigating the possibility.
  19. keiron

    keiron Member

    hey woah hold it there i wasnt getting at you, i was just saying instead of expecting the czechs to talk english it would be nice if everyone made an effort to speak czech but ive tried and found it difficult i wasnt having a go at you!
  20. Rebekah

    Rebekah Member

    k i wuzn't saying that .. i don't want to argue with you ok!

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