wanna know czech (and not) friends

Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by Julia_foxx, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. Rebekah

    Rebekah Member

    hey Zaner ,
    i love praha and brno to! i'm really trying to make it possible to move there myself!
  2. Rebekah

    Rebekah Member

    keiron, i was reading the post over and i was talking to Karel cuz he seems to be getting mad at me ... sry!
  3. Orange_Band

    Orange_Band New Member

    I apologize for my error, if I am in fact in error, but that was how my Czech friends in Prague taught me to say it. I'm at a loss as to why they would have taught me incorrectly, unless it's a colloquial thing. Anyway, no big deal. I'm no super expert in the language.
  4. keiron

    keiron Member

    its ok, dont worry about it ;) suffice to say i wasnt getting at you :)
  5. Marie

    Marie Member

    i feel a love for cr as well, but i've never been there. i've lived in the usa my whole life, but my grandparents were all czech and so i always had bobalki and oplatki etc at christmas time, and my grandparents would have conversations in czech. my whole life i've been very proud to be czech but i don't know how to speak it and have never been there. plus i'm still in high school, so will probably not be going anytime soon, but i would absolutely LOVE to. anyway, that's why i'm here at this site to try to get in touch with my roots and learn the lingo.
  6. Bacchus

    Bacchus New Member

    I feel that.
  7. silverkinguk

    silverkinguk Well-Known Member

    Hi to correct everyone .Ja mluvim cesky trochku.
    Or mluvim cesky trochku.
    Follow the UKboy.
    Sam :D

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