Want to talk to Czech learner/speaker once a week on phone

Discussion in 'Language Exchange & Czech Classes' started by reis, Nov 9, 2006.

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    My name is Rick and I am a professor at Stanford University in California. I am looking for someone in the U.S. who I can talk to in Czech for 30 to 60 minutes once a week on the telephone. I am trying to learn Czech but at my age - 65 - it is going very slowly. My daughter, two grand children, and son-in-law live in Prague and I call them once a week and talk a bit to them in Czech. I also go to Prague at least twice a year for a week or so. I also study tapes, CD's and the like but I need much more practice actually hearing and speaking Czech. If someone else is roughly in the same boat language wise I'd be happy to see if we can practice together on the phone.


    Rick Reis
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    Rick, my Czech is leaves much to be desired, but if a when you do find someone to talk to you should consider using "Skype." It's an internet telephony company and is free. I know you would need to buy a headset to talk but because I have not used it my self you may want to check out the site to see if it is something for you. Good luck finding a conversation buddy, and I hope this helps. :D
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    If you're willing to talk about men and shopping, I'm sure my step-daughter would be happy to talk to you. She has a phone glued to her ear 24/7 almost. :wink:
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    :lol: :lol:

    I would suggest Skype. I use it to talk to my friend back in the Czech Republic. If you are willing to use Skype, I would be happy to talk with you. My czech is also getting rusty, and my friends are making fun of me for it, so I wouldn't mind speaking with another non-native. :) Plus, it would be a step in the direction of my career. (I want to be a translator, maybe.....)

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