Wanted (2006) Long-Term Secure Covered Parking 2 Motorcycles

Discussion in 'For Sale & Wanted' started by Duncan, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. Duncan

    Duncan New Member


    We are moving to Prague in the new year, does anyone know of secure garages to rent or parking companies that offer such facilities (Mala Strana area) for bikes.

    Thanks for your help

  2. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    There are garages on Prosek where one can rent a spot. However, I am not sure how is it with motorcycles.

    Are you aware that there are individual (under your own lock) garages available privately owned? It is quite unlikely, however, to have garage near your residence and many people living in Prague (Old town, Mala Strana etc.) have to garage it elsewhere on public transportation as not many are using it every day and for grocery shopping. - diferent lifestyle much smaller fridges....much less preservatives in food.

    I am looking for individual garage to buy(in Prague) and if you find it, please let me know.

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