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    UPDATE: never mind, thank you so much for the dvd's ^ ^!.. problem is solved....

    http://dvd.northvideo.cz/Katalog/Hledat ... E1+v%EDla+

    I'm trying to find the last remaining episodes of a certain series called "Saban's Adventures of the little mermaid". I already own the us vol's 1-8 and the united kingdom's vol 1-2 and the BOx set of 15 episodes.
    The reason why I want the czech version is because it contain some episodes I really don't have and its both Czech and english dubed!

    I would like to know if anyone can get these for me..
    (twice the entire set)

    edit: IM concern with economy difference so there might not be a chance for a double offer! only the reward!!!!
    I will pay you double and some efforts on your way.. the problem is, does that country uses euros or something else?

    I really don't understand why they wont ship it to the united states but I reallly really like to have this series alot v_v!....

    thank you for reading this letter and I hope I can get that mermaid series completed! I just don't want to see that series go away since I know saban is long gone!

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