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Discussion in 'Culture' started by daniela_197, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. daniela_197

    daniela_197 New Member

    can someone tell me please how is the way of life of a regular guy in czech republic...
    someone´s daily activities, hobbies, social life...
    traditions about marriage, christmas, religion...
  2. Alexx

    Alexx Well-Known Member

    I guess this question is to broad one can write a book about it.
  3. kibicz

    kibicz Well-Known Member

    Actualy there ARE books about it;)
  4. There is a Czech way; be prepared for it:

    . never tell the full truth about anything ever
    . always assume you are morally superior to everyone else, even when lying
    . always try to be as grumpy as possible and rude
    . always try to cheat in business - greed rules
    . always assume you know better about other peoples lives
    . always deny you are racist - except for Gipsies cause they deserve all they get
    . remember a Czech is never never wrong about anything

    and last but not least remember to avoid open conflict at all times. Be as mean as you want but always cover it with a thin pretence of honesty.

    Thats about it, hope it helps
  5. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    Here we go again...
  6. Petronela

    Petronela Well-Known Member

    Great. He’s baaaaack. :roll:
    You know David for someone who dislikes everything about Czechs you sure love to spend your time around them :p I almost wonder what’s your real issue, but only almost and not quite.

    For the OP: Daniela, the Czechs are same as any other people in similar region. They are not cookie-cutter nation of clones but each is different. I’m not trying to be mean but it’s really impossible and very wrong to generalize about entire nation.
  7. kibicz

    kibicz Well-Known Member

    Flame must go on! :-D

    welcome back Jarin:)
  8. Polednikova

    Polednikova Well-Known Member

    Get back to expats - you'll be much more at home there, I would have thought.
  9. MichaelM

    MichaelM Well-Known Member

    Have not been on MCR for awhile but thought I'd check in and have to reply to this one. I was in Czech for two weeks last May and got around to many places (some 'touristy' and many not). Cannot agree with this negative comment at all. People were helpful, courteous and many smiles were seen (to deny that myth). Even saw pani Polednikova smile. Hi!
  10. Polednikova

    Polednikova Well-Known Member

    Well said and welcome back! :D :D :D
  11. MichaelM

    MichaelM Well-Known Member

    Dekuji pani P. I'm back in Czech class (third level) and having a devil of a time with it but loving every moment of this exquisite torture.
  12. Darrin

    Darrin Member

    I agree with MichaelM, I was in Prague and Plzen last May, it was only for one week :cry: , but I found the Czechs to be very friendly and helpful. They were never rude or tried to cheat me like davidaodonnell states. It was honestly the best vacation I've had and I cant wait to go back, next time it will be for two weeks :D
  13. kibicz

    kibicz Well-Known Member

    Ive just found joke about Czech mentality:-D

    Sedí dívka v parku na lavičce a strašně nadává:
    "Kurva fix, do prdele práce!"
    Jde kolem chlapík, slyší to a povídá jí:
    "Poslouchej, děvče, to se vůbec nehodí, abys nadávala jako
    Ona na to:"Tak si sedněte ke mně a já vám povím, proč nadávám."
    Chlap si přisedl a dívka mu něco zašeptala do ucha.
    Chlap začal nadávat:"To je v píči! Zasranej svět!"
    Slyšela to babka, která šla okolo, a napomenula chlapíka, aby tak
    neklel, že je to nekulturní a nesluší se to.
    A chlapík na to:"Pojďte si sednout, babi, já vám řeknu, proč tak
    Babka si sedla, chlap jí něco pošeptal do ouška a babka hned:
    "A do psích prdelí, kunda pes, já se na to vyseru!"
    Uslyšel to kolem jdoucí dědek a povídá babce:
    "No, že se nestydíte, paní, nadávat takhle tady před malou
    Babka na to, ať se posadí, že mu řekne, proč tak nadává.
    Dědek si sedl a babka mu povídá:
    "Ta lavička je čerstvě natřená": "Kurvaaaaaaa, do píči!"
  14. Polednikova

    Polednikova Well-Known Member

    A classic example of a piece of Czech where I know most of the vocabulary - including the rude words because I've learned them at football matches :D - but because I don't know some of the key words (or rather I've forgotten them), I don't get the joke. I'll look them up and see if I think it's funny!
  15. McCracken

    McCracken Well-Known Member

    Polednikova :shock: :shock: :shock: !!!

    I was the other way around - I got most of the stuff in the joke except the swear words (then my 17 year old hockey-playing son helped out - for someone who never bothered with much Czech at hockey school, he suddenly seemed very in touch with the language :oops: :oops: )

    Dad is now more "enlightened" :wink:

    Funny too :lol: !
  16. mamas_girl88

    mamas_girl88 Member

    wow. i have to admit that is pretty funny. haha
  17. Polednikova

    Polednikova Well-Known Member

    Tak. Here goes. I've changed some of the literal translations into what we would actually say in English - for example, we wouldn't say that someone was swearing horribly or badly - and it turns out that I don't actually know as many swear words as I thought!

    A girl was sitting on a park bench and was swearing loudly.
    “xxxxx a xxxxx, f*ck work!”

    A man walked past, heard this and said to her:
    “Listen, young lady, swearing like a trooper is not very becoming!”

    To which she said: “You sit down next to me and I'll tell you why I’m swearing.”

    The man sat down next to her and the girl whispered something in his ear.

    The man then started swearing: It’s in xxxxx! xxxxx the world!

    An old woman who was passing heard this and she rebuked the boy, telling not to curse, that it was uncouth and didn’t suit him.

    To which the boy said: “Sit down, Granny, I will tell you why I’m swearing!”

    The old lady said down, the boy whispered something in her ear and the old lady said:

    "And to dogs’ a*ses, c*nt dog, I will xxxx to it!” (Or something!!)

    An old man was walking by and said to the old woman:

    "Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, madam, talking like that in front of a young girl!"

    The old lady told him to sit down so that she could tell him why she was swearing.

    The old man sat down and the old lady said to him: “The bench has just been painted.”

    “Whore, xxxxx!"

    Now what does that tell us about the Czech mentality, that's what I want to know? Is it that Czechs will get all worked up about something but don't actually do anything about it?! :D
  18. kibicz

    kibicz Well-Known Member

    The point is that the one who is sitting on the newly painted bench(still sticky) is telling others to sit down(and share his bad luck)...
  19. scrimshaw

    scrimshaw Well-Known Member

    Baba a děda nadávají huř než chlap a holčíčka. :shock:

    McCracken, je to všude stejně, děti jsou chtřejší než víme.

    Zasranat ve slovníku není.
    Našel jsem 'sranda', stejný kořen?
  20. MK

    MK Well-Known Member

    To není to slovo. In english - sh*t

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